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King of the Northlands: King Cadius Bellos and his wife Queen Victoria Bellos Hand to the King: Lord Arcadian (his wife Emmaline Arcadian) Lords and Ladies: Lord Terrowin, Lady Sorrowsweet, Lord Bellingham, Lady Eversong, Lord Briarthorn, Lord Benedict, Lord Penderwick, Lord Hadrian, Lady Watria Bellos.

King of Westeros (The South): King Favian Alister and his wife Queen Merewin Alister. Hand to the King: Lady Ravenwood Lords and Ladies: Lady Lazarus (Master of Horses), Lady Thorne (Liason to the North), Lord Arden (Master of Procurement), Lord Sevethus (Master of Trade), Lord Giles, Lady Gwendolyn Webb, Lord Wykeham, Lord Tidus, Lord Hojo, Lord Miley (Master of Ships), Lady Malkyn, Lord Shadowmere.

PANNING OUT: (Panning out a bit here is what happens in the near future)

-King Cadius and Lady Victoria were finally wed, in a very extravagant royal wedding. Not long after she gave birth to twins, a boy and girl they called Darius the II of his name, and Daethia the II of her name.

-Lady Thorne and Gareth Malkyn married and established new lands in the South together.

-Lady Ravenwood gave birth to a son she called Fenwick Alister. He is acknowledged by King Alister as a rightful heir to the throne should his older children not serve.

-Cassius Alister and Claire Shadowmere married.

-Cedric Webb and Isolde Alister married.

-Cyles Waryn-Peace is fostered by Lord and Lady Thorne, and Dulchey Waryn-Peace is fostered by Lord and Lady Shadwomere.

-Karaius Bellos and Doran Alister are wed and establish lands near the North/South border, they attempt to remain neutral to both their families.

-Lord Kyoten refused to swear allegiance to either King so is not acknowleged by either King or Kingdom.

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