A Recap of the Events of Season OneEdit

We have Westeros, a large continent with many territories and lands  ruled by multiple Lords, all ruled by one King who sits the Iron  Throne. In the beginning, Rolf was King, but there was unrest in the  Kingdom. Rolf had seized his throne using means that many felt were  unethical at best, and evil at worst. He ruled with an iron hand,  enjoying infighting amongst houses, feeling that as long as the other  houses were fighting and not allied, they did not present a danger to  his position. He was very close to his foster brother, Lord Hadrian,  and had even married Hadrian's sister. Hadrian was known to be a bit of  a scoundrel, was unmarried but had dozens of bastard children  throughout Westeros.   

As the unrest grew, alliances began to grow up in the Kingdom. Miley  allied himself with Lady Cedany, wedding their children to seal the  alliance. There was an early alliance between Webb, Bellos, and  Terrowin. Bellos also made friends with Benedict and Bellingham. In a  show of good faith, Bellos sent one of his children to each of his  allied houses, both to garner trust, and for his children to learn from  his allies. Grey began to ally himself with Malkyn and Sadon. Gigas and  Baelor stayed neutral at this point.   

There was no love lost between Benedict and Marsh as both were merchant  houses and had a history. Marsh appearantly had other enemies. Miley  decided to throw a feast. He invited most of the other Lords and  Ladies, including the King. Several declined to attend, due to feeling  the roads were unsafe at such time of unrest, and Bellos and Bellingham  never received invites, so they said, there was a great deal of  curiousity over the fact that Bellos claimed he wasn't getting any  ravens and there were rumors abound that his ravens were being shot  down by someone, most suspected Grey.   

In all, Baelor, Grey, Cedany, Sadon, Malkyn, Hadrian, and Rolf attended  Miley's feast. During the feast, Sadon slipped Grey a note saying that  Marsh was to be killed under the King's orders. The King later issued  multiple threats, stating that he knew there were those who were  plotting against him in the kingdom, and any who were caught doing so,  would be swiftly dealt with. At this time, Marsh's keep was marched on  by The King's men and killed, the words of his motto scrawled above his  body.   

This shook up many in the Kingdom. The Bellos, Terrowin, Webb,  Bellingham, and Benedict alliance decided they needed to do something  sooner rather than later. Several things happened in succession then.  Webb had kept her spies planted in Miley's keep for quite some time so  she knew all the comings and goings of his keep. Miley had allied with  the King and Hadrian and had arranged for them to come to his keep as  special guests for the wedding of his son to Cedany's daughter. Webb  knew they would be gone, so she alerted her allies and they rode to  King's Landing and took over the Iron Throne at this time. Webb kept  any ravens from going out to warn the King, so none were aware of what  had happened yet.   

They then rode out to meet the King and Hadrian on their way back from  the wedding and captured both. Then, with his allies support, Bellos  was crowned King and named as his hand Webb, and his wardens  Bellingham, Terrowin, and Millicent. He also decreed new laws,  including one that all women would now be of equal status as men, that  they had just as much right to inherit lands and titles. He also made  rape a crime, as it had not been punished before, and required that  bastard children be legitimized and taken care of by their fathers. In  addition, he decreed that there would be no more infighting or killing  between other houses without repercussions, promising a safer and  secure Kingdom.   

At this time, Grey kidnapped Millicent's daughter, Winifred, and issued  her a note stating that she was to come, with her army to his keep and  protect him, or the girl would die. She sent a note pleading for help  to Webb before going. Around this same time, Grey also slipped into  Bellos's keep and assassinated his wife, and Miley and Sadon marched  onto Bellingham's keep, killing and pillaging, burning the structures  to the ground, Sadon's men also raped many of the women. All were  killed, even women and children.   There was an uneasy alliance at this time between Grey and Miley, and  both the Miley camp and the Bellos camp turtled up at this point,  neither wanting to make the first move. Malkyn sent a letter at this  time to Bellos stating that she was being held against her will by  Miley and would be fleeing for King's Landing, hoping she would make  it.   

At this time, after receiving threats and ultimatems from Miley, both  Baelor and Gigas lost their neutrality and joined the Bellos camp.  Hadrian, in the dungeon, made a deal with Bellos to help him, and have  his son pledge loyalty to the King. He refused to break his alliance  with Miley himself, but was so disgusted by the actions of his former  ally, that he chose to take the black and leave his son in his  position, as a new ally of King Bellos.  

Bellos had control of most of the merchant houses at this point, and he  forbid them to provide food or aid to Miley's camp, starving them out.  At this time, Miley decided to surrender and began his march with  Cedany towards King's Landing. Sadon decided it was to risky of a  situation for him, and fled, taking Grey's daughter, Norma with him.  Grey remained in his keep with Millicent protecting him, unsure if he  wished to surrender.   

Webb and Terrowin rode to Grey's keep, hoping to rescue Millicent, and  take down or capture Grey. Before they reached it, Grey attempted a  maneuver which involved some of his spies killing Millicent's daughter  while making it look like he was trying to save her. It backfired  badly, Millicent went mad with grief and killed Grey, and everyone she  saw. She burned his keep to the ground and took off with her army,  including some of Grey's. Seeing how broken she was, Webb and Terrowin  let her go.   

Meanwhile, the armies of Bellingham and Gigas met Miley and Cedany  halfway to King's Landing and battled. Bellingham killed both Cedany  and Miley. Their children were spared and brought to King's Landing.  With no more rebels, all remaining Lords and Ladies swore fealty to the  new King.

The children of Miley, Grey, Cedany, and Rolf were made to  take the black, or fostered until they came of age. Miley's son Remos  was allowed to swear fealty to the King and along with his wife, Sasha  Cedany, take over the Miley household.    

Over the next 10 years... what happened to everyone:  


-Bellos: Remained King, rebuilt relations in the Kingdom and improved  things for women and smallfolk in general.  

-Bellingham: Named Warden of the South, rebuilt his city and built his  people back up. Continued to be champion of the common folk.  

-Webb: Married Terrowin. Served for several years as Hand of the King,  before relinquishing the position to Bello's daughter Zarisa, whom she  had fostered and loved like a daughter, secure in the fact that the  girl will carry on with her wishes of keeping the Kingdom a fruitful  and safe place for women. Moved to Terrowin's keep when Gwendolyn was  of age to take over House Webb and they have two new children together. 

-Baelor and Gigas: After their services were no longer needed, they  returned home and lived on quietly in their own lands.  

-Marsh: Dead 

-Miley: Dead.  

-Grey: Dead.   


-Benedict: Named Master of Coin and Trade by Bellos, still serving as  such. 

-Terrowin: Named Warden of the West, still serving as. Married Webb and  they have two children together. Loyal to the King. 

-Malkyn: Returned to her keep and living with her two sons. Her husband  died at some point during the fighting.  

-Millicent: Took off and went over the wall, presumably a wildling now.  

-Hadrian: Took the black, and his son Lon took over his household after  swearing fealty to the King. Lon married and has children now.  

-Sadon: Took off and presumably went to the free cities where slavery  flourishes since he was a big fan of bringing back slavery. Took Norma  Grey with him and she was never seen again. 

-Cedany: Dead. Daughter Sasha married Remos Miley and became Lady  Miley, they have children now.  

-Rolf: Banished by King Bellos. Never seen in the last ten years,  presumed dead. 

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