Prince Darius BellosEdit


Physique +4

Fight, Rapport, +3

Will, Deceive, Riding (Drive,Horse), +2

Contacts, Provoke, Investigate, Burglary +1


High Concept: Prince Darius Belllos II, Second of his Name, Prince of The Northlands

Trouble: I'd rather not be on a Throne

Others:  Bellos Temper, Strong not Agile,


Killing Stroke: When Darius causes an opponent to take a consequence from an attack, he can spend a FATE point to increse the severity by one. If they are already at Severe, then they must take a second consequence or be taken out.

Child of the Court. Gain a +2 bonus to any attempt to overcome obstacles with Rapport when you’re at an aristocratic function, such as a royal ball.

Thick Skinned. You gain one more physical stress box.

Character InfoEdit

Prince Darius is the first born child of Cadius and Victoria Bellos, and twin to Daethia. He was born right after the war when House Bellos moved North. Cadius is a large man. Taller and broader than his father. He has the brown hair of his father, but the curly hair of his mother. His eyes are hazel and send to go from a dark green to brown depending on his cloths.

When Darius was younger he split his time between House Arcadian, House Terrowin, and House Bellos. Rorie Arcadian had more of an effect on him than the others though. Tales of Bar Brawls, Sea Adventures, sneaking into other Lord's Keeps were all much more entertaining than military tactics and Westeros Lore. Darius has a love for freedome that he knows he will not have as a Prince. Like his Father did when Cadius was a younger man, Darius spends more of his time with Small Folk than in Court. Being raised as a Prince though has given him the talent to charming in Court if need be.

On the battlefield, Darius is a monster. He loves to fight. He is not agile or flexable, but larger than most men. He wields a mace like Father and uses it in deadly useage. He is able to bash in shield and break bones with each strike. This has allowed him to win his fair share of Tournys due to such.

Darius isn't excited at being a King. He knows he will have too in order to prevent the Northlands from tearing apart, but he would rather be free. He does what he neds to, but finds every reason to go on trips and see other's Keeps. This has made him popuar as people think he is generally interested and invested in the Houses of The Northlands. In truth it gives him a reason to get away from the crown.

Character InfoEdit

Personality and History

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