Lux Ravenwood Edit

Stats: Edit

4 - Rapport

3 - Empathy, Deceive

2 - Will, Notice, Stealth

1 - Resources, Contacts, Crafts, Ride

Aspects: Edit

High Concept: Bastard Daughter of Bliss Ravenwood

Trouble: Sins of My Parents


Stunts: Edit

Character Info: Edit

Lux is seventeen years old. She has long coppery colored hair, pale skin , and the bright green eyes characteristic of all the Ravenwoods. She looks much like her mother and aunt.

Lux Ravenwood is the only daughter of Bliss Ravenwood, the younger sister to Lady Ravenwood. Bliss had a bad reputation as extremely promiscuous and that reputation has haunted Lux all her life. Lux grew up in the Ravenwood keep and mostly under the care and tutelage of her Aunt. Bliss never really took being a mother too seriously and left it,as she did most things, to her older sister to handle. She has always acted more like a good friend to Lux than anything else. Lux has no idea who her father is, it could be anyone. She looks just like her mother with straight coppery colored hair, pale skin, and bright green eyes, so whomever her father was, she doesn't resemble him. She has known from a young age that she is intended to marry her cousin Fenwick Alister when they are older. She didn't think much about it when she was younger, they grew up together and were naturally friends and played together. But as she grew into a teenager she began to fear it. She has been taught all her life by her Aunt and Uncles that all loyalties must go to House Ravenwood and the aim of seeing Fenwick sit the throne. Then,there will be plenty of time for her to peruse her own interests. Protect House Ravenwood's secrets and seize any opportunity to raise it up is the goal of all it's members. Lux is torn between not wanting to disappoint her family and wanting to escape. She is extremely skilled at hiding her thoughts and feelings, and always acts the perfect lady as she has been taught. She is haunted by her family legacy. For one thing, she is a bastard, her father could be one of any men. Her mother is known to sleep with half the kingdom and people often think the same is true of her and treat her as such (it is definitely not the case). Her Aunt is both admired and feared, being the hand of the king as well as the mother of his son, and known by many to be very close to the King and behind many of his decisions. And then, there is Fenwick, the youngest Prince who many believe will inherit the throne due to the King's other children not proving up to the task, and as her Aunt plans, Lux will be Queen and also under her thumb. Lux doesn't feel like she has her own identity among all of them. She hasn't seen a whole lot of the world other than Ravenwood Keep and King's Landing and longs to see what else is out there. At the same time, she loves her family very much and knows that she could never betray them. 

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