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House Name: Baelor Edit

Character Name: Lord Samuel Baelor Edit

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Appearance: Average height and Build. Light brown hair, Grey eyes.

Bio: Samuel was taught by his father to take care of the land and its people and they will make you prosper, Samuel is always on the look for good land to procure and build upon. He is known to help the poor and sick by training them up and having them work for him. Samuel has many business holding in various cities.

Wife: Sarah Baelor ( Secondary Character )age 28 reddish brown hair and green eyes.( The daughter of a well known family of potters whom Samuel's father made a large trade agreement with which where the two met. )

Daughter: Evelyn Baelor age 10 Dark Brown hair and grey eyes.

Sigil: A golden seed within a columned ring

Motto: Even the largest forest starts from a single seed


Army 2

Sub 5

Merchant 3

Keep 4
House Baelor Sigil - Copy

Luck 1

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