Stats:Edit Edit

Army: 5

Keep: 3

Subterfuge: 1

Merchant: 2

Luck: 4

Character Information: (Description and History)Edit Edit

Head of House: Lord Waterson "Wat" Bellingham

Age: 41 

Basic Info:

Appearance: Wat appears a mild mannered man, otherwise nondescript. Brown hair, brown eyes, very plain. Hides a harder life of rigorous military training. He is quiet yet stern. Waterson is the son of Eduardo, grandson of Old Man Bellingham himself.When the merchant houses took up much of the work, it left House Bellingham in a tight bind: they had to actually account for their earnings, not take them in back alley deals. And with them being known criminals going "legit" people took their business elsewhere, despite their deeds. So this led to harder times, and a return to a darker and more violent time. The Bellinghams began military training, and took up to mercenary contracting, a business that never went out of trend with conflict always arising.

Heir: Laddy Lynch

Age: 20

Basic Info: Laddy Lynch is a large and powerfully built redheaded man, with a temper to boot. Laddy is Wat's protege, a former street urchin who grew into a massive leg breaker for the Boys.

Spouse/Child Information:Edit Edit

Wat: Wife Zenia, dark skinned beauty from another land. Has three children. William 6 , Roland 5, and Malcolm 4.

Laddy: unwed. Likes the barwenches.

House Sigil/Colors/Motto:Edit Edit

The sigil of House Bellingham is a red diamond on a blue backer. A clack cleaver is in the middle. 

Colors: Blue and Red

Motto: "We Need No Motto"

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