Lord Terrowin


Standing Army: 5

Subterfuge: 4

Keep: 2

Merchant: 3

Luck: 1

History and Character InformationEdit

Lord Terrowin is probably best renowned for his many victorys that he won while fighting in King Rolfs rebellion. He is part of an old family line that came about after, as atleast one old song claims, a family of sailor nomads crashed accidentally on the shores of westeros sometime after the age of castles had just begun. The song claims 'they came as a Terror born on the Wind' .After many years of fighting, winning those fights and expanding their holdings. The once wayword tribe of sailors wedded into one of the first 'noble' houses and took the name Terrowin. Lord Terrowin was one of the first to join King Rolf in his endeavor to rule westeros but has been known to criticize the tactics that started to take place in the end, although rarely when not in his cups.

Lord Terrorwin has been married twice, his first wife died from child birth when he himself was young. The second, a woman he loved much less but was reportedly kind to, died while traveling home from a voyage to the far east. He currently is still unmarried and his only son is Alard Terrowin aged 19.

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