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Lord Tacitus Grey


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Character History and Information:Edit

Short, gray hair, slender wears black platted armour. Age 40 Pronounced: Tass-i-tuss

Father, Wife and Mother deceased.


Julii Grey age 22

Brutii Grey age 21

Scipii Grey age 20

Norma Grey age 19

Lucinda Grey age 18

Follower of Old Gods

Tacitus Grey Bios:

Tacitus learned the art of the hidden blade early, from his father Regulus the silent, after 10  years of isolation before the death of his father to be spent into learning the traditional art of Belka from his fathers retainers, he was asked what he had learned he replied "In silence much may be learned, my training has just begun" upon the death of his father Regulus the silent, the retainers agreed he was ready and mature enough to take the holdings of Belka. 

Julii Grey Bios:

I have yet to fully complete my Training but I am close just months away, upon my 23rd birthday i will be ready as is Belkan tradition, through the years I have learned a knife is truly dangerous only in the right hands, there is a time for diplomacy, a time for war and a time for the art of the hidden blade.

Brutii Grey Bios:

I have learned much from my time learing the arts, the bigger they are the harder they fall and a army can be fragile despite it's size, while dilomacy and out right war have its place the arts are what we should lean on for it is tradition.

Scipii Grey Bios:

I have learned much from my fathers retainers, when it is my time of the week and I train with them I seem to impress them with the book knowledge I have learned in the family archives, while it is wise for a Grey to learn the arts to take advantage of a situation making the situation happen is my favored style for lies made flesh are not falsehoods.

House Page Link:Edit

House Belka

House History:

The other holds fight, but not all holds play by the same rules, one embraces the darkness, one embraces the shadows, the Belkan are silent, deadly and always vigilant. For many years the Belkan hold has resisted the imagination of warlords, for if each soldier were a candle every soldier in every hold could not illuminate every shadow, With our intimate knowledge of subterfuge our enemies have much to fear, for when it is time for the Belkan to reveal themselves to their enemy it is usually too late. 

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