Lord Sadon


Standing Army: 3


Keep: 4

Merchant: 2

Luck: 1

Character details and background Information:Edit

Lord Sadon is the son of a man that was instumental in the taking of Kings Landing during King Rolf's rebellion. Lord Sadons father was a man that you talked to if you wanted other men to die off the battlefield. It was always small time things in those days but during the rebellion, King Rolf asked Lord Sadons father to kill many differnt men. All of them died save the last. It isn't known publicly what Lord/Lady this was, but they killed him instead and even joined Rolf directly after the attempt. Lord Sadon inherited his fathers promised Lordship and his talent for subterfuge. Before the war was won Sadon got his hands plenty red and it is commonly known that he adored the war. Many men will talk of war with a wistful air of comradery and victorys won, but when they talk about Lord Sadon and his family it is with a careful edge of distrust. It is even rumored that the idea for placing the noble families heads on spikes came about after a conversation with the Sadon family. After the war Lord Sadon has established himself as a notably cruel man that runs his holdings like a prison camp. While true slavery is outlawed in westeros, all smallfolk understand to varying degrees that they are of less worth than a noble Lord. The smallfolk of Sadons Keep and holdings live as close to this boundry between slave and peasant as allowed by law. The only folk allowed on our off his lands, save for the King who never visits, do so with passes Lord Sadon has printed. If a small folk leaves his lands without said pass they are cought and flayed alive publicly for some days, the body is then placed outside the boundry of their lands in x-beams of hardwood as a warning. If questioned about it the man/woman/child is always 'said' to be a thief or a murderer.

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