Army: 3

Keep: 1

Subterfuge: 4

Merchant: 2

Luck: 5

Character Information (Description and History)Edit

Title: Warden of the South

Age: 52

Appearance: Dirty blonde hair silvering. Large man, 6 ft 1. Now portly. Blue eyes. Faded scars from a hard and damaging life.

Proprietor of Bellingham's Butchery. "Bossman" of the Belmount Bowery Boys. Runs a variety of side-alley buisnesses, ranging from bottle-running, protection rackets, prostitution rings, et cetera. The City Guard gives them a wide berth due in part to cuts of the action, bribes, booze, women, whatever they need or want.

Due to his assistance to King Bellos in seeking the throne, he was named Warden of the South. During this time, he lost many of his people and suffered structure damage due to an attack on his keep by Lord Romulus Miley and Lord Sadon. He has repaired the damage in the last ten years and built his people back up. He created a massive public bathhouse that takes payment by barter as well as conventional payment and encourages other Wardens and the King to do the same. Though he has new duties as Warden, he still runs his newly built butchery and other operations, promoting fair treatment of all. 

Spouse/Children Information:Edit

Spouse - Bellingham has been married four times, his first two wives died of natural causes, third wife was divorced from, and four wife died in childbirth leaving him a widower.


-Rapheal and Raquelle - Twins, Aged 20. With his first wife.

-Erzebeta - Age 16. With his second wife.

-Eduardo - Age 15. With third wife.

-Joachim - Age 12. With his fourth wife. 

House Sigil/Colors/Motto:Edit

The Sigil of House Bellingham is a Meat Cleaver.

Colors: Blue and Red

Motto: "The Boys Need No Motto"

Significant History of House Bellingham:Edit

The Butcher of Belmount Bowery received the title of Lord of Commons for the "luck" of being at the right place at the right time to defend an assassination attempt upon the King's life. With little more than a whistle and a word, the bulk of the 3B's forces were at the ready with little more than improvised weapons and implements. Combined with the element of surprise, they were more than sufficient to keep the King safe until reinforcements arrived.

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