Army: 1

Keep: 2

Subterfuge: 4

Merchant: 3

Luck: 5

Character Information: (Description and History)Edit

Title: Warden of the East

Rorie stands 5'10 and weighs 180 pounds of lean sword fighter acrobatic muscle.He keeps this due to morning katas he ritually does during the early hours of the morning (2/3 am). This time is chosen due to it being the most peaceful, as well as the best time to concentrate.

Lord Arcadian is not noble born and puts little value on Noble Blood as "It spills just as easily as commoner blood". He is a self made man that, as he put it, "Crawled through Blood, Tears, and Shit to get where I'm at. If I can do it then anyone else can. They just have to decide to get their hands dirty and off their asses"

Shortly after the last war, Rorie was made Warden of the East. His House was small, but Darius saw a man that did what needed to be done. Someone with guile and cunning. Due to this Lord Arcadian, Warden of the East, is loyal to the King and ensure that the East is well kept. He rewards cunning, but has little love for people that take advantage of the weak.

Spouse/Children Information:Edit

At this time Rorie has no wife nor children to speak of. He has been working to rebuild the lands that the last Lord ruined. He plans to marry someday to ensure his House does not end with him.

House Sigil/Motto/Colors:Edit

House Arcadian's colors are Blue and Green. The Sigil is a blue faceles mask on a green background blow a set of dice. It represents Rories person feelings that anyone, from any land, can be anything. It is not what you were nor where you were born. You are a blank page that has the power to shape your own future. This is reflected in his motto as well " We Make Our Own Luck".

Significant History of House Arcadian:Edit

Rorie actually ascended to nobility through a card game, a young duke of the eastern land fiefdom bet his title rank as purse to make the stakes more interesting. All other participants declined, as not willing take the risk of offending a noble. Rorie being neither noble, or impressed, called on his bet and stated he be indentured for life if he lost. Fate favored Rorie for the cards were with him and he won. The noble's honor being affronted, drew steel and sadly lost his life as well. Being that the noble had squandered the family assets, ruined the family name since ascending, and was all together disreputable there really was no banner man or allies to stand in Rorie's claim. When Rorie saw what he had won it more a curse than a blessing. The castle was a shambles, the family were dressed like peasants, and doing there own chores with no servants to speak of. So now the task had fallen to Rorie to rebuild the estate and he has enlisted some of his "seedier",  but unquestionable loyal, friends to help. With the previous king's apathetic attitude toward the Kingdom he has done this without any harassment. He hopes to use the castle soon to start a upper scale gaming den.

Seeing that Rorie was a self made man, King Darius awarded the new Lord Arcadian the Title of Warden of the East. Now House Arcadian stands as a beacon of the new Kings laws. Anyone can amount to anything. Rorie is proud to be that flagship.

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