Lord Romulus Tibias Miley


Standing Army: 5

Keep: 4

Luck: 3

Subterfuge: 2

Merchant: 1

Character History and InformationEdit

Age: 47

Appearance: 6'2" - 210 Pounds  -  Gray Hair, Full Beard. Tanned Skin. 

Grandfather was a pirate who fought for the current King for a title and homestead. He married a Northern Lord's daugther and became march Warden of the North. His grandfather and father fought for the former king, while Romulus himself took up arms for the current King. Whom romulus viewed as the better option of the two. Romulus met his own father on the field of battle and won. Though it was long and hard fought , he did not spill his fathers blood. Romulus' father and his service men and all of their servants were forced to take the black and serve the wall in continued service to the new kingdom. Hoping time would remind them change is the one guarantee that's eventual.


-Remos - Age 19

-Hannibal - Age 18

Tanus - Age 18

Lidya - Age 16

CHerina - Age 13

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House Miley

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