Army: 4

Keep: 2

Subterfuge: 5

Merchant: 3

Luck: 1

Character Information (Description and History)Edit

Remos Zander Miley. 

Age: 29

Appearance: Dark brown hair with a gray streak. Built for battle with bronzed muscled skin. Hair is short in braids and Father's sword is always worn. 

Son of Romulus, Son of Tanner, Son of Rigor.

Remos spends his time training with his kin on the wall, when not working the fields with the peasants. Remos spends his time catering to guests and allies. His home is open to Northern Houses and those from the Free Cities. Remos is in the middle of building a new keep. He wants a new beginning for his home. He left Casa Miley for his sisters and retainers. Remos spends time away in the Free Cities or the Wall learning the ways of Shadows and Whispers from Scipii, son of the deceased Grey. 

Child/Spouse Information:Edit

Wife: Sasha - Age 26. Saddened from the loss of her mother and how prejudice of the North is still strong as ever. She is ever loving of Remos and her new people. She sails to the free cities often with Remos to meet with her last relative. 


-Romulus the II, Age 10. Spends his time learning from his grand, uncles, and Sasha's secret kin. 

-Rigor the III, Age 8. Plays on the ships that port from the Myst Isles to hear tales of the flying beasts. 

-Soren, Toren, Catherine, Triplets, Age 5. 

House Sigil/Colors/Motto:Edit

The Sigil of House Miley is a howling red wolf on a brown background.

Colors: Brown and Red.

Motto: "You're Either With Me or Against Me" , "Everything's Eventual"

Significant History of House MileyEdit

Remos is Son of Romulus who is Son of Tanner who is Son of Rigor.

The family was originally from Isles of Myst, slaves of Waryn-Peace. Until the day came that Rigor rose up out of the slave army and killed the King, making Khal Fane the ruler and was set free, having pirated all the way until they reached Westeros. 

Romulus Miley was established as Lord after the last of the Winterfell ladies married him. 

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