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House Name: House Bellos

Character's Name: Lord Lucius Bellos


Sex: Male

Appearance: Lucius is a average size man in height (A 100 years ago he may be have been considered tall, but it would seem that the merchant Houses have been breeding with Giants), but broad of shoulder. He has auburn hair that is kept short as to escape the heat. Like many members of the Bellos family he has hazel eyes. This became more prevalent when House Sarrowsweet married into the House. Lucius also tends to dress in leathers and light cloths to stay cool. The colors are often earth tones and orange. He always has the mace Dustbringer with him at all times. As this has been passed down from the head of the House to the next head of House for over a 100 years.

Character's Bio, including important History:

Lucius is the eldest of the Bellos children. He became held of the House roughly 4 years ago when his father suddenly became ill and died. It all happened quickly and unexpectedly. Lucius was seen with the mace the next morning. His father was buried that morning during the rising sun as per Bellos tradition. When the Freejoy's took the Northern and Southern Thrones, House Bellos moved back to the South East to it's ancestral lands.

Since then House Bellos doubled down on it's Breweries. While House Bellos has little to offer in trade, the popularity of it's beers and ales create a sizable income for a single resource.

House Bellos has historically been reclusive. It has its own customs and ideas. Lucius is trying to change that. In the 4 years he has been head of House the young Lord has hosted many tours of his breweries to those interested. While few people are allowed near the main Keep, Lucius is always willing to show off the Breweries located outside the main Keep. At the moment House Bellos regularly brews over 25 beers or ales.

Lucius is tends to laugh easy and typically is the light in a room. He would rather his House be loved by all. He has been vocal to all who ask that House Bellos has no want for thrones. As it almost ruined the House once. He is looking to the future to ensure that the House always has a place in it.

Husband/Wife: At the moment the Bellos family is largely unwed. House Bellos has been in a rebuilding stage. This was pushed even harder when Lucius took over. Lucius is currently looking for one as his council is pushing him hard. At this stage it is simply a matter of time.


Alphius (Male, Age 25, Second Playable Character)- Not a lot is known about the second and third Bellos children. Alphius has auburn hair and hazel eyes like his brother with the same build. He often handles the operations part of the House. As of late that includes finding new ingredients for the Breweries. He is well traveled as he has been to Dorne, the Free Cities, and even rumored over The Wall.

Hellia- (Female, Age 23)- The eldest Lady of the House. Like Alphius she is in charge of the daily running of the House. Were as Alphius deals with the Merchant end of things, Hellia deals with martial end of things. She is the Houses Quarter Master. She ensure the troops House Bellos has are well trained and disciplined. The reason why the Keep is as tough to enter now is simply due to the tight ship she runs. Her hair is slightly darker than her brothers but has the same eyes. She is far from cruel though. She is the first person up to train and the last person to finish. Every person in the House knows she will not ask anyone to do something she will not do herself. While more serious than her brothers Hellia still laughs and lives her life to the fullest.

Laia- (Female, 20)- The youngest Lady in the House. Laia is very vocal about wanting to be the Lady of her own House. She openly wishes to be married and have children of her own. She has auburn hair and hazel eyes as well, but is much curvier than her elder sister. She often entertains the guest of the House. Lucius knows that he will have to find a suitable husband for her soon or risk her taking matters in her own hands.

Silvius- (Male, 25) The youngest of the Bellos Lords. Silvius is a outdoorman at heart, Where his brothers wish to further the House he would rather hunt and live off the land. Auburn Hair and Hazel eyes as well, but has a large unkept beard. He is in charge of the hunters and shepherds of the House.


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House Colors, Sigil, Motto: Brown Lion's head on a burnt orange sun. "The Sun Always Rises"

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