House Name: House Betagain

Character's Name: Lord Loseitall Betagain

Age: 35

Sex: Male

Appearance: 6'1". Brown Hair, Brown Eyes. 200 Pounds. Slender Build.

Character's Bio, including important History:

He won his lordship in a Go Fish game.


He lost his wife in a poker game.

Children/Siblings: (Name, Age, Brief Bio)(If Applicable)

-Sham Rock : 20 years Old

-Horis Shoe: 19 years Old

They both look like young version of their father.

STATS: (Choose your characters strengths, giving each stat a skill of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5)

Standing Army: 2

Subterfuge: 4

Merchant: 5

Keep: 3

Luck: 1

House Colors, Sigil, Motto:

The sigil of House Lazarus is a platypus.

Colors: Red and Blue.

Motto: “You'll Get it Eventually”

House History:

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