Army: 5

Keep: 4

Subterfuge: 2

Merchant: 1

Luck: 3

Character Information: (Description and History)Edit

Title: Warden of the North 

Age: 39 

Appearance: Long dark hair, which has not a streak of gray yet, brown eyes, strong chiseled features, tall and muscular, looks much like his father.  

Lon Hadrian lived the life of a partying, carefree, noble Lord's son until ten years ago. His father had been King Rolf's foster brother and righthand man, and Hadrian never wanted for anything. He and his sister Misha's mother died when they were very young, and their father never remarried, choosing instead to sleep his way around half of Westeros, producing many bastard children but never legitimizing any of them. Lon followed in his father's footsteps, being lecherous but at the same time, somewhat honorable. He never took advantage of a girl, he didn't need to.

He sobered up considerably when in his drunken stuper hanging out with Rolf and Lord Grey's son at a local whorehouse, he was taken into custody by the new King Bello's men and issued a letter form his father, stating that he was now the Head of House Hadrian and expected to swear fealty to King Bellos and assist him in any way required. His father would be taking the black when things settled. 

Lon was shocked. His whole way of life suddenly changed. He was responsible for the affairs of his house, as well as Misha. He had a hard detox and grew up. Despite the fact that he was 29 he had never settled down or bothered to learn what his duties as Lord would be, and he had a crash course in all of this, and was determined to make his father proud of House Hadrian once again.  

These days Lon is a changed man. He is serious about his duties as both Lord of House Hadrian and Warden of the North. He never misses a required meeting with the King and ensures that all his small folk are taken care of. If there is any remainder of his previous life, it is that he has still not settled down with any one woman, but always has some woman or two in his company. However, after settling his basic affairs on taking on Lordship, he did determine not to leave bastard children all over like his father did. He hunted down those that he knew he had fathered and makes sure he provides for they and their mother's needs, and offered them legitimization in his house, if they wanted it, and does the same with any new children he may have. 

Spouse/Children Information:Edit



Hannah - Age 16 - Red haired, with fair skin and light freckles, brown eyes, a pretty girl, with a kind but stubborn disposition. Daughter with one of Hadrian's first girlfriends, back when he was only 14. He first met her when she was six when he first went looking for any children he may have sired. Her mother was ill at the time and Hadrian brought both into his home, and after the mother died, Hannah stayed on with him. He credits her to much of his positive change and has taken her to the wall multiple times to see her Grandfather, who is now quite proud of his son.  

Cole - Age 14 - Brown hair, blue eyes, looks just like Lon. Acts just like Lon used to, he looks at Cole and sees himself at that age, which worries him. He is considering sending the boy to be fostered with another lord or lady because they are constantly fighting because they are so much alike. Mother is a prostitute at one of the whorehouses in King's Landing and Cole has lived with Lon since he was 7, as he was "bad for business" 

Reeve - Age 4 - Son of one of his close friends, a common woman called Elenoara, they both live with him at this time. 

He has quite a few more children he has managed to locate but they do not wish legitimization in his house, or their mothers do not wish it, he does provide for them.  


Misha - Age 29 - His younger sister, she married Lady Malkyn's son and lives in the Malkyn Hold. 

House Sigil/Motto/Colors:Edit

The sigil of House Hadrian is a black goat on a yellow background.

Colors: Black and Yellow.

Motto: "Ever Higher"

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