Stats: Edit

Army: 4 

Keep: 3

Subterfuge: 2

Merchant: 1

Luck: 5

Character Information (Description and History)Edit

Age: 29 

Appearance: Six feet tall, blue eyes, shoulder length blonde hair. Tendency to wear commoner clothes. 

Born and raised on a farm by his parents. He later became an apprentice armorer, when his knack for building armor and shields was discovered. He later saved the life of a knight and was offered a chance to become a squire. A knight who has a defensive style of fighting. He will do his upmost to avoid unnecessary fighting and death. 

Child/Spouse Information:Edit

Wife:  Vanessa Kyoten, 30. A female knight who has saved the life of Kyoten on several occasions. Love at first sight for Kyoten.

House Sigil/Colors/Motto:Edit

House Sigil is a Yellow Kite Shield. 

Colors: Yellow and White

Motto: "Life For All"

Significant History of House KyotenEdit

A recently acknowledged House known for its fair treatment of its' people.

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