Army: 3

Keep: 2

Subterfuge: 5

Merchant: 4

Luck: 1

Character Information: (Description and History)Edit

Lord Jhyn Shadowmere 


Appearance: Dark skin, startlingly blue eyes, neatly trimmed beard. He is average height, a few extra pounds, heavy, but he carries his weight well. Dresses in fine silks and linens from the far East. 

Jhyn was born in Westeros, and has always lived there. His house is small and unassuming, he deals in trade and secrets. He is a good friend to have, but a terrible enemy. He was a young Lord during Bellos' rise to power, and he stayed quiet, avoiding any of the fighting and allying, only worried about keeping himself, his wife, and young children safe.

When it was clear that Bellos was the winner, he was quick to bend the knee and swear fealty. Due to being small and not active in politics, his house generally isn't noticed much, and Jhyn likes it that way. It's far easier for him to do the things he needs to do and get in and out of places, if he is not well known. By that same token, not much is known about his house. If you as the average person in Westeros where House Jhyn originated, or how long they have been there, what kind of Lord Jhyn's father is, they would not be able to tell you. 

Spouse/Children Information:Edit


 Ashara Shadowmere - Age 34. A petite woman with fair skin, curly brown hair, and soft brown eyes. Ashara is of the old, but now gone Westerosi house of Locke. Her descendants were called Locke, literally because they created the first locks and keys and gave that concept to Westeros. She and her husband appear to have a good relationship, but word is, she fools around on him, often.   


Ronan - Age 17 - Medium skin tone, short and slightly pudgy, curly brown hair worn shoulder length, soft brown eyes like his mother. Ronan has been groomed to take over the house after his father. However, he is not as quiet and unmemorable as his father, he is outgoing and friendly, more like Ashara, but this has proven to be a valuable way to gain information in it's own right as he is so friendly and unassuming people are quick to talk to him and tell him their lifestories. 

Claire - Age 15. Medium skin tone, dark hair, the same blue eyes as her father, petite like her mother. Claire is a quiet and shy girl, the opposite of her brother. She takes a long time to warm up to anyone and is pleased she won't have to take over her father's business as she believes she has no ability to exist within the crowds her father and brother have no issue frequenting. Close to her mother and they often go on trips together to different cities for her mother's business, which she doesn't ask questions about. 

House Sigil/Colors/Motto:Edit

The Sigil of House Shadowmere is a Red fox on a Yellow Background.

Colors: Red and Yellow

Motto: "Watch and Wait"

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