Army: 2

Keep: 1

Subterfuge: 4

Merchant: 5

Luck: 3

Character Information: (Description and History)Edit

Lord Gregory Arden

Age: 32

Appearance: Brown hair, brown eyes, average height.

Allied with Bellos upon death of the previous King (Rolf). Goes where the money is. Upon Tahrra's death took 5 months of grieving. His youngest took over until he recovered. 

Small manors are enough for this house. Though they are wealthy, they spend most of their gains on an excellent trade caravan for their business. 

Wealth comes through trading so they are not entirely based on land. 

Spouse/Child Information:

Wife - Tahrra- Deceased.


Jacob - Looks a bit more buff and stays with caravan.

Amelia - Good with languages and likes birds. Of age to marry. Brown hair and eyes. 

Walter - Smartest bookwise. Looks liek his father but "nerdy"

House Sigil/Colors/Motto:Edit

The sigil of House Arden is a Golden Sun on a White Background.

Colors: White and Gold

Motto: "Gold Never Lies"

Significant History of House Arden:Edit

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