Army: 1

Keep: 3

Subterfuge: 4

Merchant: 5

Luck: 2

Character Information (Description and History)Edit

Gavius Briarthorn

Age: 26

Appearance: Dark Haired, Broad and strongly built, looks much like his father King Bellos. Gavius is the son of the current King, Darius Bellos. He was his first born but chose to forfeit his right to inherit the throne, instead choosing to follow in his mentor, Lord Benedict's footsteps and run a merchant house. He was mentored by Benedict from the time he was a teenager, so he knows a great deal about trade and coin. He took over Lord Marsh's holdings and lands as they were ideal for a trading house and took his deceased mother's maiden name of Briarwood for himself. 

He is still close to his father and family members, as well as Benedict of course. He is content with his role as a major merchant in Westeros and has built up good relationships with many of the houses. Due to the murder of his mother by Lord Grey, he has no love for any of the Grey's or those who are friendly with them. He would not trade with the Mileys or Hojos because of that assosciation. 

Spouse/Children Information:Edit

Unmarried, no children as of yet.

House Sigil/Motto/Colors:Edit

The sigil of House Briarthorn is a burnt orange lynx head on a brown background. 

Colors: Burnt Orange and Brown

Motto: "Honor. Duty. Family."

Signficiant History of House Briarthorn:Edit

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