Subterfuge: 5

Merchant: 2

Luck: 1

Character Information (Description and History)Edit

Lord Fuma Kotaro Hojo

Age: 21

Appearance: Black armor, a face plate covering mouth, short but physically fit.

Lord Fuma Hojo's father now deceased was leader of the Belkan ghost division, being highly trained himself he began not to long ago running missions with the divison, something most lords are reluctant to do and his father had not done since his early years serving in the division. He was there while the Belkan hold burned down as a child and single handly rebuilt the hold where the majoirty of the Belkan people now reside.

Spouse/Child InformationEdit

Kenji Hojo age 19, Lord Fumas little brother Kenji rebuilt the military during the relocation of the destroyed house, he is strong and agile like his brother and competent in the Belkan arts.

Tokimasa Hojo age 18, Tokimasa also skilled in the arts unlike his two older brothers now commands the army of the Hojo he proved his skill as a warrior at a very young age whilst defending against the savages from the island to the west.

Tokiyori age 17 Tokiyori is a skilled politian and in charge of the internal affairs within the Hojo keep and usually spends his days collecting tax and supervising the town watch.

Bastards: Schliggen Von Grey, Chosokabe Nobuchika

House Colors/Sigil/MottoEdit

The sigil of House Hojo is a Triforce.

Colors: Blue and Grey

Motto: "It Is Worth the Risk"

Signficant History of House HojoEdit

During the Lion's rebellion the hold of the Grey's were destroyed in a plot to bring to heel the former Warden of the East, kidnapping her child and killing her in front of Millicent. Pain stricken from the death of her child she tore the hold apart, killing most of the people in the hold.  The surviving leader of the Ghost Division evacuated what was left of Belkan people, relocating to the small forgotten town of Avalon. Avalon was constantly horded by local tribal savages, dragging away people across the twin rivers and into the dense jungles, the town of Avalon being located between the twin rivers, the Belkan Famiy leader, Hojo lead the way in rebuilding the army and making a way in connecting the two rivers, clearing out the tribal savages over time and establishing a respectable hold. The small isolated town of Avalon became a massive sprawling metropolis located between the twin Bastok rivers, the large land mass also contains the small islands and a third river, steep rocky crags make up much of the coast line though much of it uninhabited makes up for the few ports, mostly fishing ports. 

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