Army: 1

Keep: 3

Subterfuge: 5

Merchant: 2

Luck: 4

Character Information: (Description and History)Edit

Lord Franklin Tidus

Age: 29

The house started as high end messengers, they took care of ravens and delivered messages personally for utmost secrecy and security. Soon they became some of the most trusted informants in all of Westeros and their skills allowed them to become the house they are today.

Franklin Tidus: Franklin Grew up the middle of three children, his eldest sibling died at a very young age leaving just Franklin and his brother Theodor to take up the responsibilities as head of the house. Franklin spent his early life working on his language and memory skills, two of the highest prized skills in his house. By the time he was 10 he alrady had a grasp on many languages and could memorize long pages of information at a time. As a teenager Franklin traveled throughout Westeros and even made some trips to the free cities Transporting information from one house to another. Franklin loved the cold North western area of Westeros which is where he set up his house and place of business. None save Franklin and Johnathan know of Johnathans maternal parentage. Now near his thirties Franklin enjoys staying in his keep making sure the right messages get to the right individuals. Franklin has never let information get into the wrong hands and has never ( barring natural phenomenum) missed out on getting the information to the recipient. ( any message carried by a member of the house is coded.

Spouse/Children Information:Edit

No Wife.


Jonathan: Age 10

House Sigil/Colors/Motto:Edit

The sigil of House Tidus is a turtle.

Colors: Blue and Green

"Beneath the Shell"

Significant History of House Tidus:Edit

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