Army: 5

Keep: 2

Subterfuge: 3

Merchant: 1

Luck: 4

Character Information (History and Description)Edit

Favian Alister.

Age: 36

Appearance: Lord Allister wears very dark blues, in keeping with Bravosi customs regarding wealth. He has his golden brooch featuring a swooping sparrow, his family's sigil. He has a gleaming and well polished sword that hangs at his right side. His blonde hair is kept short and close as is the custom for his family.

Favian Allister was born and raised in Bravos. Three generations removed from Westeros he was given very little in the way of their culture but instead is Bravosi through and through. He grew up rich and respected, speaking Valyarian as often as not and so grew up playing in the Purple Harbor rather than its less reputable foreign harbor. Favian learned to fight in the traditional Bravosi method, thin long blade with a sideways stance. He would be as lost with a claymore or an axe as most people would be with his chosen weapon. As a young man, he often visited the magnificently sought after courtesans on their private boats. He met and fell in love with his wife on the Ivy Bridge and her family was pleased, this is because the Allister's may have lordship in Westeros, but they were blessed first and most greatly by their adopted homeland, and they can never forget it. Favian chose to come to Westeros not because he felt it his duty, but because he saw that it was entering a golden age for itself and wished to secure his family a position within, that went further than just his family smoothing over relations with the Iron Bank in Westeros's name. 

His wife Merewen is an accomplished woman in her own right. Her family is said to have ancestors involved in the founding of Bravos, not as just another Valyarian colony, but a seperate and hidden society in its own right. What is known for certain is that in modern days her father is a dignitary to several other free cities and her mother is from a powerful trading house. Merewen herself never wanted to be a trader or a merchant and devotes her time to her children and persuing her own interests. She enjoys the water and could swim before she could walk thanks to her mother. She is reserved about the move to Westeros and doesnt quite know what to expect. But she knows her husband is attempting to plant a seed that may bare fruit for their family's wealth and honor and so laments in silence...mostly. Her and her husband have little rumor to draw from save for their shared interest in courtesans, thankfully this interest overlaps more often than not and so the marriage has always been happy. 

Spouse/Children InformationEdit

Wife: Merewen - Age 34


-Doran: Age 18  is an even more accomplished swordsmen than his father. He is aware of his parent's tastes and is secretly disgusted, though he knows they share a deep love. He is thrilled to be coming to Westeros because he has dueled so many opponents in Bravos that he has begun to circle his past victorys. He loves dueling more than love making by far and feels that with a people so given to offense and retribution that he will carve his name across many a 'Lords' reputation. He has never set foot in a brothel and finds the idea of accepting payment for sex even more repulsive then his parents actions with them. He may be homosexual, he is in fact a virgin at this point, but has never even bothered to examine the concept enough to have a feeling on it one way or another. so as of now it is unknown. 

-Isolde and Cassius: 16 Year old Twins.   Isolde is an extremely nosy child. She has her nose in everything within a three mile radius and likes nothing more than to get into everyone business. She could be considered ladylike, until she opened her mouth. at that time the person would discover what her favorite interest was..namely everything to do with anybody and anything. Cassius is an extremely scholarly boy. He has had an extremely narrow exposure to sword fighting or brawling, by his own volition. He likes nothing more than to read and learn. Unlike his sister he dislikes speaking to new people and can even become surly when forced to do so by family. He has secretly decided that he will become a maester and is thinking of a way to break this to his family. His sister is particularly protective of him and would feel devastated if he left, believing him incapable of taking care of himself even while shouting down any that would say so themselves.

House Colors/Sigil/MottoEdit

House Alister's sigil is a Golden Sparrow on a Blue Sky.

Colors; Blue and Gold

Motto: "Honorom Evolabit" or "Honor Soars"

Significant History of House Alister:Edit

House Alister left Westeros four generations ago. They left with no lands or titles and found something greater in Braavos. Honor. Specifically, a family of traders, warriors, and the open minded, the Alisters flourished and found real success in Braavos. Years later, they helepd garner good relations for Westeros within their new home. The King at that time bestowed title and honors to the now 'House' Alister. Many years later, Lord Favian would establish a local prescence for his family in Bellos's new Westeros. 

Favian is the son of Westeros Nobility, whom, while posessing the titles of Lordship, maintained lands and holidings based in Bravos (one of the Free Cities). Lord Favian was the first household respresentative from abroad to swear an oath of fealty to swear an oath of fealty to King Bellos, and so was granted local lands. 

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