House Minos

House Name: House Minos

Character's Name: Lady Cornelius Minos

Age: 36

Sex: Male

Appearance: Cornelius has brown hair and eyes and an olive skin complexion. His body is thin and lean as his muscles are all from the swinging of weapons and hauling his armor across rough terrain. His black and gold armor is highly stylized in the habit of the Minos family. It has pauldrons with the Minotaur's head and horns in gold relief. It has greaves and vambracers, but unlike standard armor sets does not have a breastplate of any kind. His chest is protected by nothing more than rich worn leathers and cloth. He carries a well made but plain short sword and a dagger in contrast to his armor. Either could be a weapon wielded by any soldier in Westeros. The helmet is crafted to resemble the intimidating head of his ancestor complete with the horns of a bull. Only the head of House Minos can dawn the face of their ancestor in this way and it is considered a great honor. 

Character's Bio, including important History:

The Minos family came to Westeros some years ago to participate in a dispute between two warring houses and attracted the attention of House Freejoy. The title of Lord was given to Cornelius's father for his aid in the taking of Kings Landing and other important military and symbolic seats of power.  Cornelius is the current head of the Minos family and is the acting Lord of House Minos. The Minos people consider these things separate. If all the holdings and titles of House Minos fell, the family name itself would endure. Cornelius rose to be the head of the family through his great skill in battle and knowledge of the battlefield. His position as eldest of his brothers and sisters in no way secured him his position and had he not been as capable he would have not been granted the title. 

Husband/Wife: Wife: Hellena . Cornelius's wife died in child birth, and he has since not taken another wife. 

Children/Siblings: (Name, Age, Brief Bio)(If Applicable)

Siblings: Cornelius has two brothers and two sisters.

Selene (second playable character): Selene is 34. She is taller than her brother, so a little above average height. She also has the olive skin, but her hair is black. She wears it long, but pulled back into a pony tail. She is lean and wiry and her arms bear the scars of many battles. Her own armor is black and gold but has no depictions of her ancestor. She instead has a pendant she wears carved from the horn of a bull. It depicts the Minotaur and his love Medea. There was a time Selene begrudged her brothers position, she had plans to challenge him again for leadership but over the years realized that would have kept her from the thickest parts of battle. She now has a good relationship with him, but worries he has not looked for a new wife. Selene herself, however, dislikes appearing in Kings Landing because her position makes her a target for courtship. She attempted to dissuade further such lordly offers by agreeing to bed the Lord if he could land a cut and marry him if he beat her. The flustered Lord agreed but left cursing her to uproarious laughter and jeers.

Madeline: Madeline is 20. She is olive skinned and has auburn hair. She is capable with a dagger or sword but has never loved fighting. She does not consider herself a warrior and doesn't think she will ever have the strength to fight in the afterlife. She instead has devoted herself to capturing glory on canvas. She has always been artistic and has earned a reputation for being a very good painter. She enjoys painting scenes of her family history and daily life. The painting she did of her ancestor and his wife after taking the city of Minos hangs in her brother Cornelius's tent when he travels and above his hearth at home. Selene doesn't approve of how little her sister trains or that she wears no armor, carries nothing but a small knife. She cannot understand her younger sisters search for glory somewhere other than the field of battle and it makes them less close than they could have been.

Piers: Piers is 22 and captain of the Minos castle guard. He chose to pursue this title because it afforded him time to pursue his passions. He is a lover of life. He enjoys wine and women and is happier in a tavern or brothel then he ever could have been on the road from one battlefield or another. He enjoys brawling and singing. He has a sharp wit and has been known to come up with songs with lyrics specifically to make brawling more likely. A perfect night for Piers would be a full tavern with a crowd roaring with laughter before a good fight broke out and he ended up with a wench to tend to what ails him.

Leander: Leander is 42, he has olive skin and brown hair like his younger brother Cornelius but his eyes are green and watchful. He was chosen to represent house Minos some years ago in Kings landing. He keeps track of the trade that passes through and generally keeps his ears to the ground. He originally had great distaste for his assignment but recognized the need for it in a kingdom like Westeros and eventually realized he was the best suited to the task. He has great restraint and is not easily goaded. He primarily maintains contacts in Kings Landing to ensure House Minos always has some front to fight on, a battle to pursue. He knows as well as his father did that when the battles here are all done his family would either change entirely or leave the people he had grown to love in the land. Neither being acceptable he stays and keeps them busy and keeps his eyes and ears open.

STATS: (Choose your characters strengths, giving each stat a skill of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5)

Army: 5

Keep: 1

Merchant: 3

Luck: 4

Subterfuge: 2

House Colors, Sigil, Motto:

House Minos pays tribute to their ancestor in all things. So their sigil is the head of the Minotaur. Their colors are black and gold and their motto is how they face each day, with "Strength and Glory"

House History: 

Long ago, many ages before Braavos, was a city named Minos. Minos had tall towers and golden archways studded with polished stones that shone in the morning light.

It had people that lived longer than they do now and knew many secrets now lost. It was ruled over by many families that each had specialties and had mastered their own trades. The families were so good at keeping the city prosperous and safe that they only had one danger to themselves, the danger that came from each other.The families each had their own secrets and controlled differing parts of Minos culture. So private and isolated from fear of each other had they become, that they each had their own language that was taught only to a child of proven blood line. In those days, they knew a secret to tell that as well.The gods watched Minos very closely because never before had mankind gotten so close to touching theit own heights. So it did not escape their notice when the families began to eliminate each other. This continued until just one family remained, in hubris they named themselves The House of Minos and declared a king rather than ruling as a group. One family would rule, and of that family, the craftiest would reign. Things went well for many years, until each member of the 'Minos' family started to realize they only had one enemy left, each other. Soon the house began to dwindle as the family died by its own hands. Finally it was just man, one King and his wife from a smaller house. In anger at the patricide, infanticide and king slaying, the gods reached down and cursed her spirit. She would shrink from her king's touch and instead seek the company of beasts. She searched in secret until she met a creature that made her spirit rekindle, and so lay with a monstrous bull in the kings fields. It was an unwitnessed coupling and she chose not to bring it up. She continued the affair until she was with child and the king was happy. On the day his wife gave birth he was plunged into grief and despair. " Why have the Gods cursed us like this?" the queen kept her own council, but was secretly thrilled that her son was in fact from her true love. When the King failed to be capable of killing the child out of the notion it was his own son, he built a great underground maze to house the creature. It was named a Minotaur by the scholars and placed in the maze. The king had many wars in the years to follow. Being king of the greatest kingdom made him a target, and he often took important prisoners. Out of spite he would throw them into the maze where they where never to be seen again. in his mind the gods made his son a monster, and so he would serve in at least that way. The queen, however, had never stopped seeing the boy. On the very night he was lain in the center of the maze she came back through secret passages she had installed and nursed him. She sang to him and raised him secretly. She would abduct tutors and make them teach the boy things, knowing they would be put to death if they escaped to tell others, they resigned themselves to their fate. By the time the king threw people in, the boy was a man of sorts in his own right and attempted to converse with the prisoners, they responded usually by screaming and many attempts to murder him. He eventually stopped trying and discovered that besides just keeping himself alive, he actually really liked to fight. He took to leaving weapons for them around the maze so that he could hone his fighting. He could leave if he wished, but his mother warned he would be killed unless he became stronger. She never truly thought he would be able to leave, but he trained and learned what he could. Years later a girl was thrown in the maze and when she attempted to stab him in the eye he laughed, spinning around to finish her. The girls name was Medea and the laugh was like the spark that started the bonfire. Never before had the Minotaur had to work as hard to kill a thing. As she lay underneath his sandal and as he raised his spear he told her as much. She looked shocked and apologized, she had thought him just a beast. Medea explained that she had been taken prisoner by his father only because her own father had exiled her to an island because she had her own ideas on ruling. Medea, as it tured out, was more friendly then he had imagined and they lived for a few good years in the maze. They offered each prisoner thrown in the option of joining them to train until they had enough numbers, or being slaughtered in battle. Most agreed. His mother supplying them with armor and weapons, they amassed warriors and troublesome family members from all sorts of enemy kingdoms and eventually walked out and took Minos. The Minotaur found he had no wish to rule, Medea found she had no wish to leave him and so they traveled around with those that stayed or joined later and wrought their will upon the land through might and skill and eventually their descendants. Upon his death bed the Minotaur said he wasn't afraid. That he had become strong enough to fight what came after, maybe he would spar with the gods. This became the paramount ideal in which all of his descendants strove for: to become strong enough to find glory in the after life. Later they found themselves in what is now Westeros and many things have changed over the countless years, but House Minos motto is still "Strength and Glory".  

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