Army: 5

Keep: 4

Subterfuge: 1

Merchant: 3

Luck: 2

Character Information: (Description and History)Edit

Age: 40

Appearance: Short and Stocky, Graying Red Hair, Green Eyes. Rugged.

Caspar is not a complicated man. He has lived an uncomplicated life, he was born in the North. He was raised in the North. He has never set foot into any other section of Westeros. He has spent most of his life and Lordship letting the land handle itself. The only place in his life that this statement doesnt ring true is when it comes to the wall. The wall, Castle Black, and all the other castles, even the ones that needs must have been abandoned as numbers dwindled and time wore on, is of a great concern of Penderwick. Caspar was raised on stories of the firstmen and the horrors that lurked behind the wall. His family has probably contributed more bodies than any other household in Westeros to the Black.Edit

Almost every Penderwick man has eventually taken the black. Caspar, like his father before him, donates almost the entirety of his surplus to the wall. It's often joked that not a man has served on the wall without knowing a Penderwick. This has led many a house to either applaud the dedication to Westeros' safety by so helping the crows on the wall, and associate House Penderwick with the negative connotations of what most folks in Westeros proper think of the men manning the great wall: criminals, rapists and murders. While not true, it doesn't matter because Caspar is narrow minded in his concerns usually. This may no longer be the case with the radical changes that have taken place recently both in the South, which has had long reaching ramifications for things in even Caspar's life, and in the North itself. His loyalties have always been simple, but now he is beggining to be less and less sure.Edit

Spouse/Children InformationEdit


Penderwick has had several wives. The first, whom he did not love, died from complications of childbirth when he was 19. The second, whom he loved more than life itself was killed by wildlings when he was 25, which left him with an even greater fear of what lay behind the wall. The single greatest trauma in Caspar's life was his third, and final wife. She could not live up to his dream of what his second wife had been and to spite him in the greatest way she could, she went across the wall to see what life held for her. Not too many years later, King Bellos began his widespread changes and now Penderwick feels threatened from both sides, his wife life from beyond the wall, and his way of life on his side of it. 

Children: Barthalamu - Age 23 - Barthalamu is dark haired, short and stocky, with his mother's cornflower blue eyes. Barthalamu was with his second wife, whom he loved so much, and, so, Barthalamu is his favorite. He favors the boy over his other children which they are all aware of. When Caspar chooses to retire and take the black, it is Barthalamu he will leave everything to. 

Luthor - Age 21 - Luthor is very handsome, tall and lithe, with dark red hair and pale gray eyes. He looks the most like his mother, which means his father despies him. He both despises his father, and longs for acceptance from him. He knows Caspar means to send him to the wall soon and he plans to fight it with every fiber of his being. He has no desire to take the black and forego women and a family and the possibility of his own lands. He knows he would make a better Lord than his brother who is soft and stupid. 

Peter - Age 18 - Peter is short and skinny with very little strength. He has red hair, but not dark like his brothers, more of a carrot color, and the brown eyes of his mother. He and Luthor have the same mother, but he does not possess his brothers good looks, nor charm. Peter knows he is destined for the wall as well, but he looks forward to it. He knows his father dislikes him and thinks him weak, and he is determined to show that he is not when he gets to the wall. As of yet, however, he is a very poor fighter and his sister is stronger than he.  

Emmaline - Age 17 - Emmaline looks much like her mother did, like Luthor, which means her father dislikes her also. She has the same dark red hair and gray eyes as Luthor but is small and skinny like Peter, she has poor eyesight and wears glasses which one of her bastard brothers on the wall fashioned for her. She is a bookworm and spends most of her time in their Maester's library where she can escape from the harsh Northern weather and her father's displeasure. She knows that he will marry her off as soon as possible to get her out of his keep, and is not sure whether she is happy or unhappy about that prospect.  

From the many women Caspar has slept with he has dozens of bastard children. But he has little fear of the King's Legitimization of bastards decree due to his practice of making them take the black to honor him. A common joke on the wall since he has declined taking a new wife, is that he can only shoot crows.

House Sigil/Colors/Motto:Edit

The sigil of House Penderwick is two crossed silver swords on a bronze background.

Colors: Silver and Bronze.

Motto: "Courage and Valour"

Significant Information of House Penderwick:Edit

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