Army:  1

Keep: 3

Subterfuge: 4

Merchant: 5

Luck: 2

Character Information: (Description and History)Edit

Age: 65

Appearance: A very fat man with balding gray hair, and vibrant green eyes.  Lord Benidict is best known for his wealthy trade routes and healthy appetite. He is a portly man and claims it is the weight beneath his clothing, and not the clothing itself that is his greatest show wealth. "A man with a great deal of wealth that isn't fat, is a liar!" he often shouts while drinking. He has been known to replace shipments that are lost to the sea with coin from his own coffers, this has led to a good many tradesmen using only his ships to trade over seas. This also means that his prices tend to be a good bit higher than lets say his competitors. He was an ally of King Bellos during his rise to the throne and was named Master of Coin and Trade after. 

He mentored Bellos' son Gavius and taught him all that he knew about trade and coin. Because he had no children of his own, he looks upon Gavius like a son and will be leaving all of his wealth and lands to him when he dies. 

Spouse/Children Information:Edit

Benedict's wife died twelve years ago and he has never remarried.

No Children.

House Sigil/Motto/Colors:Edit

The Sigil of House Benedict is a cornucopia overflowing with food and coin.

Colors: Yellow, Black, and Grey

Motto: "Fair Trade"

Significant History of House Benedict:Edit

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