Lord Bellos


Standing Army: 5

Subterfuge: 4

Keep: 2

Merchant: 3

Luck: 1

Character History and Information:Edit

The current Lion Lord, Darius Bellos, has been in power going on twenty years. He took over as ruler of his House when he beat his father to death with a rock as per custom. During his rule he has focused on improving his Military as well as trade. His relationship with Moriganna is both hold and cold. The marriage was arranged in their youth to join two of the larger tribes. While they do care for each other, there has always been little love. She is the voice of reason within the kingdom. She is also insanly jealous. While she wishes they had love, she knows that they do not. In her mind every woman in the Kingdom is a threat. One of them is sure to win his heart. Darius, could simply care less if she strays. As long as keeps it behind closed doors. This has lead to years of hot spells and cold shoulders betwen the two.

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House Bellos

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