Army: 5

Keep: 3

Subterfuge: 4

Merchant: 2

Luck: 1

Character Information: (Description and History)Edit

Title: Warden of the West

Age: .53

Apperance: Tall and stocky in build, Blond hair and blue eyes, Despite his size, there is a kindness to his face. 

Terrowin is honorable and just. He was a great warrior when he helped King Rolf in his rise to power, but after the fact, was known to criticize the tactics that took place on Rolf and others parts, especially Sadon. He didn't understand why Rolf tolerated Sadon or Cedany. He was fed up with Rolf already, at the time ten years ago when he was approached for an alliance by Lady Beatrix Webb and Lord Bellos in order to stop the needless killings that were happening under Rolf and to better the Kingdom for all. They were successful in taking over the throne, crowning Bellos King, with little bloodshed. Terrowin and Webb wed shortly afterwards and had two more children. Terrowin and his wife are steadfastly loyal to King Bellos and he has been enjoying these this last decade of peaceful years with his wife and children. 

Spouse/Children Information:Edit


Lord Terrorwin has been married three times, his first wife died from child birth when he himself was young. The second, a woman he loved much less but was reportedly kind to, died while traveling home from a voyage to the far east. 

His third and current wife is Lady Beatrix Webb. Age 38. They are happily married. Lady Beatrix is a very capable woman, proficient in knowledge, and knowing it on everyone. Her spywork was once integral to her persona, but she has relaxed somewhat with the comfortable and peaceful time Bellos has brought about for them. 


-Alard Terrowin - Age 29 - Medium height, blond and blue eyed like his father with a friendly face. Terowin's son from his first marriage. Alard is much like his father in that honor is important to him, and he is an accomplished swordsman, often participating in local tourneys. He has never married, having not found the right woman, and his father puts no pressure on him to do it soon. He will take over Lordship after his father passes. 

-Gwendolwyn Webb - Age 21 - Terrowin's stepdaughter, raised by Terrowin since she was 11. She is full Lady of House Webb now and resides there.

-Cedric Webb - Age 19 - Dark hair, blue eyes, tall and slim. Terrowin's stepson, raised by him since he was 9. He always looked up to Terrowin and Alard and strives to be as good of a swordsman as his older brother. He is currently staying with Gwendolyn in House Webb to help her run things. Unmarried.

-Elena Twerrowin - Age 8 - Elena looks like a mix between her mother and father, with Terrowin's golden blond hair and Webb's dark eyes and solemn face. She is a bright and very inquisitive child, much more like her mother than Gwendolyn is, which has been a soure of contention between the two. They do not get along great.

-Tristan Terrowin - Age 5 - Tristan is dark haired, blue eyed, and a lovely little boy. He is surrounded by a large family who can't resist picking him up and playing with him whenever they see him, but rather than be spoiled he has a very sweet disposition. 

House Sigil/Motto/Colors:Edit

The Sigil of House Terrowin is a Bear on a Red Background.

Colors: White and Red

Motto: "Men Are The Tides of Change"

Signficant History of House Terrowin:Edit

Lord Terrowin is probably best renowned for his many victorys that he won while fighting for King Rolf's in his rise to power, and later, his army's assistance to help King Bellos overthrow Rolf and secure the throne. He is part of an old family line that came about after, as atleast one old song claims, a family of sailor nomads crashed accidentally on the shores of Westeros sometime after the age of castles had just begun. The song claims 'they came as a Terror born on the Wind'. After many years of fighting, winning those fights and expanding their holdings, the once wayword tribe of sailors wedded into one of the first 'noble' houses and took the name Terrowin. 

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