Standing Army: 1

Subterfuge: 2

Merchant: 4

Keep: 5

Luck: 3

Character History and Information:Edit

Age: 28. 

Appearance: Brown Hair and Eyes. Wears Dark Green and Grays. 

Great landowners supplying vast amounts of food, livestock, and lumber. Very prominent house which rose to lordship when the rebellion occurred and the old noble houses were overthrown. Lord Baelor respects those who work hard and are fair to their people. He takes his role as lord very seriously and strives to provide for his people. He is a very loyal individual to those he deems worthy of his trust.

Family; Wife , to be named later He has 2 kids the oldest is a girl named Eva, age to be decided later and a boy named Pasqual.

House Page Link:Edit

House Baelor

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