House Name: Conrad

Character's Name: Alexander Conrad

Age: 40

Sex: Male

Appearance: A tall man with black hair

Height: 7'2

Character's Bio:

A towering man, Alexander is often described as a gorilla in armor, weighing 330 pounds, with tan skin and black hair he is very muscular due to his time at sea, and learned much of warfare from pirate hunting at sea, he had a wife who was taken by natural causes due to the harshness of the time period. He currently has two sons who are a spitting image of their father, in both looks, height and personality. Those who have interactions with him describe him as being direct and to the point, in business, and social interactions he want's the bottom line.




**(Second playable character)

Edmund Conrad Age 23 Size 7'1. Edmund has a great eye for strategy and warfare as well as business as heir he has been given much purchasing power on behalf of the hold, he often tends to his own routes given to him by Alexander and always travels with his own personally trained retainers, he is much like his father.

Edward Conrad age 21 size 7'1. Edward is probably better with military than his older brother Edmund, though they get along greatly, he usually prefers to tend to the holds defenses rather than travel about like his brother, he is more concerned with local issues on the island.


Merchant : 5

Army: 4

Sub: 3

Luck 2

Keep 1

House Color, Sigil, Motto:

Motto: Nervos belli, pecuniam infinitam,

The Banner of the Conrad house is scales with a eagle within it's shadow

House History:

The Conrad house was formed on a island in Southern Westros, the once small port near the Summer Sea, a once desolate, and destitute fishing island where the homes and shops were all shuttered, became a bustling hub of economic prosperity, and a regional powerhouse of military strength. It began with Alexanders father Eddie Conrad, who made great strides in arms sales and served as a resupply point to the free cities during the last war, where travel between the Free Cities and Westeros were unusually common at the time. Over time their naval influence grew and the trade routes swelled, and now the Conrad house has deals in almost every market and supply much of the the trade in the region, much comes from the armor, weapons, and naval structure the Conrad's use, and manufacture. Much of Conrad's weapons and armors, are cheaper to make than other weapon makers in the land, and use less materials to make, for example the Kanabo, which is a variant of a mace, and their armor tends to be light weight yet sturdy using less materials, and the choice to use pole arms, and no shields mean, most of their knights are also skilled in the bow, and arrow. Also being a big producer in ship making, means they have the means to be more mobile than other holds, with Alexander usually traveling on his personal flagship Bune "the albatross". Much wealth also comes in the form of hunting down pirates that plaque other lesser equipped houses trade routes, although this is usually after they have done their raids, most local lords are pleased to see them gone, even if the cargo is never returned. The Conrad's tend to keep to themselves, but are always willing to listen to any trade offers neighboring lords may put forth.

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