Army: 4

Keep: 5

Subterfuge: 3

Merchant: 1

Luck: 2

Character Information: (Description and History)Edit

Age: 28. 

Appearance: Fair, with pale blonde hair, green eyes, and a clever face. She is very shapely and always wears a largue blue sapphire at her throat. 

House Ravenwood is one of the older houses in Westeros. Ursula's grandfather was Hand to the King before Rolf, and when Rolf took over, he was able to convince Rolf to let his family live. They were allowed to live, but became outcasts, no longer respected. Shortly after Rolf's death, the Grandfather and Ursula's parents all perished in a fire in one wing of their keep. Ursula, at 19 was the eldest and she came into posession of the title, keep, and lands. She approached King Bellos for aid, and as he was aiding all those who needed it at the time, he aided the house in rebuilding their damage, and Ursula worked to raise her house's status back up to what it had been before Rolf.  

She has done well for herself the last few years, and House Ravenwood is once again a respected house in Westeros. Ursula is very accomplished, she has brought up her siblings, rebuit and raised a ruined house, and build up incredible riches for her house. She has been described by some as 'calculating' and 'as cold as that stone she wears on her neck' but has a reputation for being fair to deal with, and not going back on her word. She is very ambitious and sees herself as possibly being a warden someday, or part of a King's Council. 

Spouse/Children Information:Edit



-Bliss - Age 20 - Ursula's younger sister. She has coppery colored hair, green eyes, and is fair skinned like her sister. She has no interest in politics but has taken advantage of the equality towards women, by being as promiscuous as possible. It's not known to others how the girl hasn't ended up with child, but Ursula brews her a special tea each month so it will not happen. Other Lords and Ladies have wondered why Ursula allows her to carry on like she does rather than have her married and settled, but Ursula will say nothing on the subject and gets annoyed if questioned about her family. 

-Robin - Age 18 - Ursula's younger brother. He is blond and fair like she, slim with delicate features. He is also not well liked by many because he is sneaky. He know too much about too many, and it makes others nervous. Not married yet either. 

-Archer - Age 11- Ursula's younger brother. Copper colored hair, green eyes, and freckled. He was just a baby when their parents and granfather died, so he sees Ursula as his mother, and she dotes on him. He is a typical eleven year old boy, spends his days roaming the woods near their home and playing at swords with the local boys. 

House Sigil/Colors/Motto:Edit

The Sigil of House Ravenwood is a Black Raven on a stark White Background.

Colors: Black and White

Motto: "Seize Opportunity"

Signficant History of House Ravenwood:Edit

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