House Name: House Asher

Character's Name: Lady Salehn Asher

Age: 32

Sex: Female

Appearance: Salehn is fair but stern. Her pale yellow and ashy brown hair is thin and elegant, sweeping below her waist when it hangs. She has a serious countenance and wears a lot of loose layers in shades of flame, favoring dark reds. Her brown eyes bore into those at audience with her.

Character's Bio, including important History:

She has not been head of the House for long, having lost her mother at birth but only recently losing her father, Lord Mannatch. Mannatch was a kind man, and always compassionate to his family, but Salehn no longer has the luxury to be, as she now sees it, feeble. She still harbors a soft spot for her children, but she speaks to most rather tersely. The rare drink, such as the night of the FreeJoy coronation, however, lets slip the charismatic and vivacious girl she must have been. On such nights, she is not above flirtation. As such, even then, it is unclear whether or not such was truly planned.

Lady Salehn married for love when she was very young, against the wishes of her council. She has since paid the price, losing Ralon, a kind ferrier and good husband and father, in a border skirmish. Although she doesn’t wish to move on, she has learned to listen to her council through the years. They have urged her to consider a new marriage, particularly if it means better trade for the lands. She is not a trusting woman, but she has realized that alliances must be made. Perhaps a friend would be a good thing for her.

She takes little time for herself these days, but occasionally slips away with her children for a quiet ride. She misses Ralon dearly, and it always reminds her that, once, they were a complete and happy family.


Ralon, smallfolk ferrier and lord-in-training from the local lands, died just a year ago at age 34. Despite the warnings of the council, he had proven himself a fine husband to Salehn, and the two were very much in love. At the approval of Salhen’s father, the two had married when she was 15 and he was 18. Over the years, he had won over nearly everyone in the lands, even many who had advised against their union in the beginning. All who met him left with a smile. He had red hair, bright blue eyes, and broad shoulders reflecting his former trade. Although he might have become a fine leader and warrior, his son Matcher, of slightly better skill, could not protect him at a border skirmish. Matcher was never blamed, but Ralon is sorely missed by all.

Children: (Name, Age, Brief Bio)(If Applicable)

Lady Salehn is keen to consider marriage for her eldest son, Matcher, and he is as well. They both agree that after such dark times they would like to build a new flame to brighten their hearts. Matcher is still young, she feels, for lordship at 17, but he is a bright and handsome boy with Ralon’s red hair and his mother’s deep brown eyes. Matcher is a highly skilled archer with a taste for battle and loves flame, a part of the vanguard whenever possible. He has trained well and hopes to find a fine flower to call his own. He has always been curious about history and the old ways, and particularly favors travel to the north. Salehn keeps a close eye on him, as he is sweet but prone to brash behavior. He shows off his talents often as if he has something to prove after the death of his non-lord father.

Sillah (playable character 2), on the other hand, Salehn’s second child, is the very picture of a lady. Salehn has trained her in the ways of Court and can see a maternal spirit developing in her at 15. Both of Salehn’s children are romantics, having watched their parents in love as they grew older. Sillah frequents the kitchens and loves to tend the hearths, learning as many skills for independence as possible. She always appreciates the smallfolk, even when her mother forgets, and she smiles often, a tender girl. Sillah wanders the gardens with her pet rabbits and observes. She has her mother’s blonde hair and keeps it in tight braids. Her eyes are deep and blue, not bright like her father’s, and they are always open. If she has anything to prove, she never shows it, but it is clear to everyone around her that she can be just as calculating as Salehn.

STATS: (Choose your characters strengths, giving each stat a skill of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5)

____5___Standing Army





House Colors, Sigil, Motto:

The sigil of House Asher is a red and pale yellow flame on a dark ash-grey field.

Colors: Red, pale yellow, dark grey.

Motto: “Ardent Flame”

House History:

House Asher arose near the border between the lands on the west side of the Kingdom in the South. Although their lands are small, they quickly made a name for themselves after the North secession. Skilled in the ways of the bow, their House was known for their bravery and ruthlessness with flame, earning them the name Asher. Salehn’s father, Mannatch, passed just before her Ralon, always supportive of them, and Salehn had to carry on into the new world without them both.

As a new head of the House, Lady Salehn showed that House Asher was built for precision both on and off the battle field. Her people are highly dedicated, strictly trained, and sure of orders. They have always remained loyal to House Alister, but when FreeJoy made peace possible, Asher sighed in relief. They have been dependable, but living at the border was always stressful. For the first time in many years, House Asher’s lands have opened their borders to those of both the North and the South. Salehn prefers to stay away from Court when possible, but she is always at the ready for War Council.

They are well guarded and proud, but they seek aid to feed their men above all else. An army cannot march on an empty stomach.

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