Army: 3

Keep: 5

Subterfuge: 4

Merchant: 1

Luck: 2

Character Information (Descripton and History)Edit

Age: 47

Appearance: Red hair, streaked with silver. Dark eyes, tall and willowy.

Lady Malkyn is renowned as being a capable women. She is the sister to some foreign prince and accepted marriage to Lord  Malkyn supposedly to distance herself from her brothers watchful eye. She has a reputation for knowing things that might be less than public knowledge and its common knowledge that she has a far superior influence on House Malkyn's success and daily dealings then her husband ever did, who, even when he was often leading their army, it was always with plans drawn up by his foreign love.

She lost her husband during the fighting leading up to Bello's succession of the throne and by her words, was being held captive by Lord Miley. She escaped with her sons and when the dust cleared she made her way to King's Landing to swear fealty to the new King. She continues on in her mysterious ways, no on knows too much information about what Lady Malkyn gets up to. Her sons remain home and close to her, helping her run the affairs of their lands. 

Spouse/Children InformationEdit

Lady Malkyn's husband was killed ten years ago during the war between King Bellos and Lord Romulus and his allies. She has not remarried as of yet.

She has two sons:

Markust Malkyn - Age 28, Markust married Misha Hadrian a few yeras ago in a small ceremony. They reside with Lady Malkyn and he is slated to take over the house when he is mother passes away. They have a son, Rolo, who is 3. 

Gareth Malyn - Age 26. Gareth is unmarried. He remains at home with his mother. He is a shy and quiet boy without a lot of experience with women. He is stammering and nervous so despite his mother's efforts, she has not yet found him a wife. 

House Sigil/Colors/Motto: Edit

The Sigil of House Malkyn is a black bat on a purple background.

Colors: Purple and Black

Motto: "Diligence is Task"

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