Army: 5

Keep: 4

Subterfuge: 3

Merchant: 1

Luck: 2

Character Information (Description and History)Edit

Lady Riya Lazarus

Age: 29 Years


Appearance: Strawberry blonde hair, Tan skin, Green Eyes.

Raised on a horse farm 10 miles from any civilization Lady Riya was always wonderful with training horses thanks to her father he taught her the way of raising horses for all people not just nobles but there wasn't anyone around with better horses for the price. Her father was killed when called to battle when she was still young 16 to be exact. Her mother who she was always distant from married her off as soon as she could so she could for gold to keep the farm operating and feed herself. Riya was married to a man named Asher Lazarus who was much older than her young 16 he was in fact 32 twice her age however he was good to her and treated her kind. She told him how much she missed her horses and farm life and he had a stable built for her on the land they had and let her start up her own business of raising and training horses. She eventually came to enjoy his company and four years into their marriage she gave birth to a perfect son to carry on the family name they named him Leo. He looked so much like her and her father and he made her so proud everyday. Three years after Leo she gave birth to her beautiful Seraphina she had found something to love more than her memories of her childhood and her horses. Asher's death was very unexpected but this time she was not left with nothing he had left her all his land and and two beautiful children she wouldn't be alone ever again and she promised her children they would never have anything bad happen no matter what she had to do.

Spouse/Children InformationEdit


-Seraphina (age 6)

-Leo (age 9)

House Colors/Sigil/MottoEdit

The Sigil of House Lazarus is a Unicorn/Dragon.

Colors: Lilac and White

Motto: "Never Alone, No Matter What"

Significant History of House LazarusEdit

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