Army: 4

Keep: 1

Subterfuge: 2

Merchant: 3

Luck: 5

Character Information (Description and History)Edit

Age: 19

Appearance: Born of fair skin, sunkissed hair and ice blue eyes. Lips the shade of a pink rose from a distant dream. From birth KhalLandis has known her way around a battlefield. Her people are warriors who sit upon giant beasts from the Isle of Myst. After the death of her high preistess mother she took her army and fled from her father's ruling. She remember the tales of the old wolf pirate and sailed her ships in their direction hoping for new port and oppportunity. 

The house has helped teach House Miley to be sailors once more. 

Spouse/Child Information:Edit

No husband as of yet. Just breed stock to keep line alive.


-Cyles - 6 - Happy and caring to everyone. Known to help the weak. 

-Dulchey - 5 - Mean. Killed two men before she was 4. Known to react to bloodshed. 


-Kha Fabor - Brother - Harsh and suspected of piracy. He found a journal of Sadon's and reads it for amusement. 

-Kha Shinbai - Brother - Kind and a strong fighter. 

-Kha Rena - Sister - Firey tempered and slighted by her forced servitude to Landis. 

House Sigil/Colors/Motto:Edit

The Sigil of Waryn-Peace is Twin Dragons, Black and Pink embraced in a Heart.

Colors: Pink and Black.

Motto: "Burn 'Em All" , "Skull Fuck 'Em"

Significant History of House Waryn-Peace:Edit

House was invited after Romulus decided to support Bellos. The people of it now known as Isle of Myst have now settled on their great castle ships they call Iron Horses. They trade wares with the North and worship the great Fire Beast of the sky. 

Landis settled here while her siblings while her father Khal Fang is King of their Lands. 

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