Army: 3

Keep: 1

Subterfuge: 4

Merchant: 2

Luck: 5

Character Information: (Description and History)Edit

Age: 35

Appearance: Kathryn is a small and slight with curling brown hair and hazel eyes. Even when she is smiling there appears to be a sadness in her eyes. 

The Sorrowsweets are a family who believe they are cursed. For centuries bad luck has plagued the house in the manner of deaths, disease, loss of fortune, and more. 

Kathryn's mother died in chidlbirth, and she was brought up by her father. He was never a well man and suffered strange diseases and sicknesses that the Maesters could never fully cure. Despite this, he was a good father and did his best to provide and care for his daughter.

When Kathryn was sixteen she was attacked on her own lands, when she was alone and collecting flowers. She was set upon by a mysterious Lord who mistook her for a servant and had his way with her. She returned home broken and in despair. Fortunately, her father refused to send her away or consider her dishonroed in any way and even when it became appearant that she was pregnant, and gave birth to twin children, never blamed or treated her as if she were tainted by the event. He was grandfather to the children, and she their mother, he told her, no matter who their father was, they were her children, not some cruel nameless Lord's. He legitimized them as being the heirs of House Sorrowsweet and Kathryn healed as she raised her children and grew to love them with no resentment. 

Kathryn's father died when she was 25 and she became Lady of the house. This was right around the time King Bellos decreed equality for women and she was gratified by this as it was her fear that that Lord who victimized her would someday return and demand entitlement to her keep and children. 

Kathryn runs her house very fairly, she is not meek despite all that has happened to her and nothing sets her temper off more than threats to her children. She is, however, very private and will not easily open up to another person outside her family. She is secretive herself, but tends to know many of the secrets of others. She has only one enemy, and that is the Lord who violated her when she was a young woman, she doesn't wish to get revenge on him, but merely that he die, before her children should ever have to know him or he know that they are his. 

Spouse/Children Information:Edit


Children: Simon - Age 19. Simon is tall and broad with straight brown hair he keeps tied back loosely, hazeAl eyes. The Sorrowsweets are stonecutters and his arms are well muscled from heaving and cutting stone along with his workers. He is very protective of his twin and his mother, he knows about what his father did, and would like to meet up with him one day so he could kill him himself. Due to his past, and being raised by his mother, he is very respectful to and protective of women, what one might call chivalrous.  

Victoria - Age 19. Victoria is a tall and curvy girl, she looks very much like her twin, with the same hair and eyes. She goes right out and helps with the heavy work, so while not visibly muscular like her brother, she is very strong. She enjoys her life, and loves her family, but is regretful of the fact that they are so solitary and longs to visit King's Landing for one of the enormous feasts and parties with dancing and entertainment she has heard about from travelers passing through. She is a simple, country girl on the surface, but her heart longs for some romance and excitement. 

House Sigil/Colors/MottoEdit

The Sigil of House Sorrowsweet is an Otter.

Colors: Blue and Brown

Motto: "Always Faithful"

Significant History of House Sorrowsweet:Edit

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