Army: 5

Keep: 4

Subterfuge: 2

Merchant: 3

Luck: 1

Character Information: (Description, History)Edit

Lady Enyd Fallenhoof 

Age: 28 

Appearance: Lady Enyd is of Dothraki descent, and the features are strong in her. She has coppery skin, long dark hair, and deep brown, almost black eyes. She generally has a dagger hilt worn loosely about the waist of her dress and tends to go barefoot, even into battle. 

Lady Enyd's mother was originally a slave, brought back from one of the free cities by Lord Fallenhoof. He felt sorry for the child and purchased her to give her her freedom. He brought her back to his keep in Westeros and he and his wife, who had a son, but had always wanted a daughter, raised her as their own.  Although they grew up together as siblings, Fallenhoof's son and she fell in love, and married. Lord Fallenhoof was upset about it, but eventually gave his blessing, especially once Enyd was born.  

Lady Enyd greatly resembles her mother and is fluent in Dothraki from her. She also has the natural inclination for horse riding. However, she has the sensibilites of a Westeros Lady. She had a very good childhood, and parents who loved her more than the sun, and wanted for nothing. Two years ago,her mother and father decided to go to the Free Cities to explore her Mother's homelands and possibly find her parentage, leaving Enyd as Lady of House Fallenhoof and responsible for all decisions, knowing thier journey and search will take them at least several years. Lady Enyd is strict, but fair to all her smallfolk and in her dealings with other Lords and Ladies. Her dark eyes are watchful, if betrayed or lied to once she will never forgive the one who slighted her. She has no time for sneaking around or playing games with the nobles, she has lands and people to see to.  

Spouse/Children Information:Edit

Enyd has no children and is not yet married.

House Sigil/Motto/Colors:Edit

The Sigil of House Fallenhoof is a Silver Horseshoe on a Green Background.

Colors: Green and Silver.

Motto is: "Live That You May Live Forever"

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