House Name: House Undine

Character's Name: Lady Cordelia Undine

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Appearance: Cordelia has wavy dark chocolatey brown hair that falls halfway down her back, sea green eyes, and very fair skin. She is of medium height and curvy in build with narrower shoulders and wider hips. She typically dresses in sea tones: grays, blues, greens, corals. She is fond of sea themed jewelry in honor of her house and frequently has jeweled shells and other sea brac as hair and jewelry adornments. 

Character's Bio, including important History:

Cordelia is a gracious and kind head of house. She is beloved by her people and She is friendly with all the houses near her and always willing to lend a hand to fellow houses in need, whether it be of extra food or (Pre King Elric) help fighting against bandits. She commands one of the larger armies in Westeros but has for the most part, kept it in reserve. She is a social butterfly and is happy to attend any social functions at court. However, she has not yet settled down and married. 

She has been raised to be a model member of the nobility. Instructed in the art of diplomacy, social mores, and economics, when she had to take over as head of her household after the untimely death of her parents, she was quite capable of the job. Her family makes their living by the sea in multiple ways: the fish that provides most of the food for their lands, the trading that their merchant boats do with the free cities for unique and luxurious goods, and the minerals they extract from near shores including precious gems which keeps the house afloat finanically. The people of her lands respect the sea as giver and taker of life. 

Cordelia is very protective of her younger sister and her people and in spite of her friendly demeanor will not hesitate to call to arms to protect herself and hers. Fortunately, since King Elric has taken over in King's Landing things have been peaceful and there has been no reason for force. However, in case things should go badly again, Cordelia keeps her army highly trained and at the ready. She has no time for spy games and will tell anyone, she has nothing to hide. She is suspect of those who do spend their time playing at spy games and sneakery. 

Husband/Wife: Cordelia has never married. She has courted various lords and ladies but never yet met one she would consider becoming bethrothed to. 

Children/Siblings: (Name, Age, Brief Bio)(If Applicable)

-Lady Merissa Undine - Age 17. Cordelia's younger sister. She has the same sea green eyes as her sister but a more serious face and personality. She has curly hair the color of tarnished gold and is petite in stature. She was educated in the same manner as her sister but lacks her confidence in matters of diplomacy and socialbilty. Cordelia hopes to encourage her to come out of her shell a bit now that things are calm and peaceful within the kingdom.

STATS: (Choose your characters strengths, giving each stat a skill of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5)

Army: 5

Keep: 4

Merchant: 3

Luck: 2

Subterfuge: 1

House Colors, Sigil, Motto:

House Undine's colors are viridian and corall.

House Undine's sigil is a sea star. 

Motto: "Sure As The Tide"

House History:

House Undine has a bit of a mysterious past. Cordelia and Merissa's great grandfather was the seventh son of a lesser Lord. Knowing he had no chance of inheriting from hsi father, he offered himself into the service of King Favian Alister as a skilled fighter. He fought valiantly for the King in many uprisings and it was the fact that he recieved multiple wounds which should have been mortal wounds, but kept on surviving that earned him the name Ulric the Undying. When he finally retired from the military life the King gave him his lands and title as reward. The same lands he currently occupies, on the sea, and his new title Lord Ulric Undine. Lord Ulric settled into his lands, content that he had become a Lord of holding after all. However, he was lonely. One day, as the story went, he found his future wife bathing in the sea. She was unknown to any in the lands and some swore she had come directly out of the sea. Ulric had never obeyed convention and didn't care that she was a commoner, he was smitten and they were married within a fortnight. Her name was Myranda. She is told to have been very beautiful with eyes the color of the sea. She and Ulric had a son and sevearl years of happy marriage, and then, when their son Ansell was five, she myseriously disappeared. Many believed that she drowned, but Ulric spared no expense building ship after ship and searching for her all over the sea. There were rumors he had gone mad, and his son was largely raised by the house Maester and servants. When Ansell was twelve, Ulric never returned from one of his sea searches. After weeks of searching, he was declared dead and Ansell took over the house at the young age of twelve. He had a great deal of advise and help from his Maester and advisors and did an admirable job bringing things up to date. His father had spent so many years pining for his mother that the lands had fallen into disrepair and with the kingdom beginning to fall into unrest and fighting, there was little chance of getting help from King Alister. Ansell built things from the ground up, organizing his people. They began building up their supply of fishing and minerals, and established trade out at sea with the Free Cities. As House Undine grew in riches, their army also grew in power and size. By the time Ansell was a young man, he had built up a good reputation for himself and was able to secure the hand in marriage of a close Lord's youngest daughter which was a good match. He and his wife had a daughter they called Myranda after his mother. They were very happy. 

Ansell made a good match for Myranda when she came of age to a merchant house they had traded with often. She married a young lordling named Frey. Ansell and his wife disappared not long after. They had been on a trip to the Free Cities to visit friends and never returned. This didn't sit well with many of the old timers in the area as they remembered the similar disapparance of Lord Ulric, but within a generation, many people were inclined to forget. Myranda and Frey had two daughters, Cordelia and Merissa. They too had the same sea colored eyes as their mother and great grandmother according to the elderly midwife who birthed them. The two girls were raised like most in nobility, taught all the skills a Lady should have: politics, diplomacy, economics, management of lands and army, how to socialize,etc. Things seemed quite uneventful within this family and many of those who had heard the stories passed down wondered if the curse, or whatever brought ill omen on the family had passed. Then, when Cordelia was sixteen, her father was killed in a horseback accident. Her mother fell into a depression. One morning she spent the day locked in a room with her daughters, talking for hours. She then went outside and in front of many, walked into the sea. Her body was never recovered. After grieving for her parents, Cordelia took over duties as lady of the house and has done an admirable job keeping things going successfully. She will not discuss her family's odd history or past with anyone and politely changes the subject whenever it is brought. up. 

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