Lady Cedany


Standing Army: 2

Subterfuge: 5

Keep: 3


Luck: 4

Character background and information:Edit

Lady Cedany is an older woman. She is easily in her 50's and has a great deal of practice in getting her way. Her official joining of King Rolf's side of the rebellion is marked as just before the beheadings began, but it is rumored that she was involved with his plotting from much earlier. After the rebellion was ended and King Rolf took the iron throne it is a well known fact that he attempted to give her hand in marriage to another newly made Lord, it is also known that before this plan was made entirely public the Lord had taken the black and refused all ravens sent to him since. The King generally leaves Lady Cedany to her own devices.

Lady Cedany has one legitimate Child in Westeros Sasha aged 16. She also has a child in Dorn and is strongly rumored to have an illegitmate male child she does not speak of, either the child itself or his circumstances or current living situation.

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