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Standing Army : 3

Subterfuge: 5

Merchant: 1

Keep: 4

Luck: 2

History and Character InformationEdit

Lady Beatrix Webb

Age: 28 Years 


Appearance: Dark Hair, Fair Skinned, Gray Eyes. 


-Gwendolynn Webb (Age 11)

-Cedric Webb (Age 9) 

Marital Status: Widowed. 

Beatrix was born to Lady Dinah and Lord Linus Saxon. Her mother died in a riding accident when she was eight and her father was too busy running their small farm to remarry. She was largely brought up by maesters and septas and didn't have a great deal of interactions with her father in her childhood. House Saxon was never a large house, being a very old family with small holdings and little reputation, and that hadn't changed any under the new king. Linus grew desperate in his old age to have an heir so he remarried one of many daughters of another lower Lord. After several years of trying to conceive a child it became evident that she was barren. Unable to divorce her, he took a sudden interest in Beatrix, determined that she would marry a well known and noble Lord and finally bring some recognition to his house. Beatrix was fifteen, and he began basically advertising her to any interested parties, ultimately selling her off to the highest bidder, one Lord Octavius Webb, a man more than twice her age with a terrible temper. It was a very unhappy marriage for Beatrix, she was shown off as a trophy and required to satisfy her husband's every whim. It was a far cry from her fairly happy, if solitary, childhood of riding horses and swimming in the lake. She missed the forests and lake of her home, now living on a large silk farm with open fields and stone as far as the eye could see.

She had some happiness when her daughter, Gwendolyn was born three years into her marriage. She loved Gwendolyn fiercely and was determined to be the mother she had never had a chance to know, spending every free moment entertaining the child. Two years later her son Cedric was born and Beatrix was kept busy with her children, finally feeling that she had some purpose in her life, two innocent lives to protect. Harmony was interrupted when she realized that Octavion was seeking out marriage pacts for Gwendolynn with Gwendolynn only aged 9. He explained that she would only be betrothed, not actually marry until she came of age, and that these arrangements would greatly benefit the family, and their wealth. Beatrix was outraged and they fought over it bitterly for several months until her husband's untimely death the next year in a hunting accident.

Since his death. Beatrix has come into her own in managing the house's affairs. House Webb's primary crop has always been silk. They own and maintain lands with structures to culture and process the silk which is then sent to all the other cities for fine clothing. Beatrix has kept it running just as well, if not better, than when her husband was in charge. She has firmly refused to make any marital pacts for herself or her children thus far. She is a friendly, but secretive Lady, not taking too much interest in politics or socializing, at least on the surface, but she may have aspirations beyond what everyone imagines.  

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