Army: 1

Keep: 5

Subterfuge: 3

Merchant: 4

Luck: 2

Character Information: (Description and History)Edit

Annabelle Wykeham.

Age: 51. 

Appearance: Annabelle is a heavyset woman who is always dressed to a T. She has blond hair which is always perfectly curled, and blue eyes.

Annabelle was a wench who married into House Wykeham when she had reations with the elder Lord Wykeham's son at a bar one night. She became pregnant and, because Lord Wykeham was a very proud man, he forced his son to marry her rather than have his grandchildren floating around in the world as bastards. Anabelle married Michel Wykeham and after his father's death he took over as Lord. He was always something of a spineless man though, and Anabelle made most of the major decisions. Michel died in a riding accident five years ago and since then Anabelle has been running the affairs of the House.

She is a gossipy woman, who prides herself on knowing what is going on, even if the information is not always first hand, or neccessarily correct. She is very concerned with status, and tries to keep her past hidden. It is important to her that she is allied with the right people and that her daughters marry well. Her son will take over House Wykeham after her death, but she is determined the girls marry great lords. 

Spouse/Child Information:Edit

Spouse was Michel Wykeham who is deceased.


Oliver - Age 24 - Dark haired, blue eyes, boyishly handsome with a careless, easy smile. Oliver is much like his father, not particularly interested in running the affairs of his house, preferring instead drunken parties and loose women. 

Christina - Age 19 - Very thin, with a sharp nose and chin, blond hair and blue eyes, a somewhat unfortunate looking girl compared to her siblings. Christina is her mother's daughter. She is a social climber, always trying to ingratiate herself with more powerful people. She has a brusque personality. 

Celestra - Age 16 - Celestra is very beautiful, with long golden hair, very pale skin, and bright blue eyes. She is an extremely kind girl, who enjoys caring for her multiple pets and garden. She has no interest in politics.

House Sigil/Colors/Motto:Edit

The sigil of House Wykeham is a gold star on a black background. 

Colors: Black and Gold

Motto: "Deeds, Not Words"

Significant History of House Wykeham:Edit

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