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Army: 5

Keep: 3

Subterfuge: 4

Merchant: 1

Luck: 2

Character Information (Description and History)Edit

King Darius Bellos is a man starting to feel his age.  At 5'11 his brown hair is now lined with grey. The years have been good to the King though. Even over the age of 50, the King is a large man in size. Unlike many Kings, his is mainly muscle still. He wears thin armor that has been colored brown and tan. The armor itself is a chest plate, leggings, helm, and fore arm guards. Due to being from the Eastern plains, his armor still reflects such. Light and little to stay cool.

He is proud of his rule so far in the Kingdom. He strives for equality and a certain amount of honor. His honor is less about oaths and more about morality. If he makes a promise, but finds that the other party is unjustly, he will retract his word. He is more about action than anything else. If a person proves honest, true, and humble, then the King ensuresthey are taken care of and heard. If the person lakes in moral qualities, then Bellos stamps them out.

King Bellos came into power after taking the throne from the previous King. King Rolf was a rapist, murder, and cruel. Rolf was also a lier and paranoid. The last straw was when Rolf killed Lord Marsh and his family. King Bellos rallied with Lord Terrowind, Lady Webb, and Lord Bellingaham to replace Rolf. The revolt was swift. Lord Bellos was then elected King by his allies due to his honesty and wits.

Spouse/Child Information:Edit

King Bellos is unwed at this point. The murder of his wife by Lord Grey during The Lion's Revolt and The Lion's Culling has hurt him in a way that can not be fixed.

King Bellos does have a chidren though.

Gavius Briarwood - Named for his Grandfather, Gavius was next in line for the Throne, but he gave up his right. He did not wish to rule on a Grand Scale. He took the name "Briarwood" after his Mother's family after his father gave his Marsh's old holdings. He currently is one of the major Trading Houses in the Kingdom. Many believe that he will take up as Master of Trade and Coin when Benidict passes as Gavius learned everything he knows from Benedict and shares his views.

Zarisa Bellos- The Current Hand of the King. Called the "Lady Lion". She has spent a lot of his life with Lady Webb learning what it takes to help rule a Kingdom. She is aggressive in her role as Hand. Zarisa is next in line for the Throne if her Father dies. She is 24 years of age.

Cadius and Daethia Bellos- Called the "Twin Lions" due to being twins. They tend to stay out the spot light. They are the most loved by the Small Folk. They tend to stay at Lord Bellingham's Keep so they can be closer to the small folk. They advice King Bellos on the thoughts of the small folk to ensure the people stay happy. They are 21 years of age.

Magius Bellos- The Adopted son of King Bellos. He is ofter the advisor to his father on tactics of war and combat. he has a good understanding of combat due to growing up as Terrowind's ward. To show his ties with his former teacher, Magius tends to stay in Terrowind's Keep. He flies a customer Banner in Combat. It is the same Banner as his Father, but with the Color's of House Terrowind as a show of respect for his former teacher.

Karaius Bellos- Little known Son. He has stayed out of the spotlight for many years. Mainly do to his sexual preferences. He is not a large as his father, but is still mostly muscle. He has a love of the finer things in life. His nick name is "The Cunning Lion" due to his love of tactics. Although he is to young to have seen war, he enjoys mock fighting. He has a scar across his face where a lance almost took his head off. Karaius laughs about it and enjoys telling the story. The Horse and Lance always gets bigger though, 17 years of age.

Watria Bellos- Daughter of King Bellos. Tough, loud, and full of smiles, Watria is the wilde child of the House. She enjoys parties and getting into trouble. More than once she has found herself awake in a random place. She wished to marry and settle down, but fears that she will just be a source of childen for her husband instead of an equal.

House Sigil/Colors/Motto:Edit

The Sigil of Bellos is that of a Brown Lion on a Burnt Orange Sun Burst.  The colors are, of course, Brown and Burnt Orange. The Sigil reflects the chose animal of House Bello. The Lion.  The Sun Burst is a reflection of them being from the East and the House Motto

"The Sun Always Rises"

House Bellos believes that the world will move on regardless of the people in it. It is up to yourself to ensure the next day will be better. Regardless of what happens, the sun will always rise.

Signficiant History of House BellosEdit

An interesting piece of History in House Bellos is that tradition to adopt members into the House with full rights. One of Darius Bellos' children was  adopted along with his brother Luthius. Often it is to ensure that the child of a fallen comrade is taken care of. Magius was the son of a friend of Darius that gave his life protecting the King. Luthius was the ward of Darius' father.

Another piece of interest is "The Grieving Day" . It is held every year on the day that King Bellos' wife was murdered. During this day King Darius does not accept visitors. He spends his day in prayer for his lot wife.

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