House Name: Arden

House Colors, Sigil, Motto:    

White and gold.  

Golden sun on a white background. 

"Gold never lies"

Character's Name:   Joran

Age:   43

Sex:  Male

Appearance:   Brown hair, Brown eyes; but he, and his children, are unusually tall.

Character's Bio, including important History:    

The majority of what has become house Arden has come into fruition under Joran's leadership.  While his father had started on the various constructions, it is Joran who finally got the laborers together to change the lands of Arden some some 27 years ago, upon his fathers passing.  Perhaps it was the grief of the people at the beloved Lord's passing that truly motivated them, but Joran likes to think it was him. In the last 20 years, Joran has been trying to unite other merchants under a common cause, to stop all the bickering and backstabbing that eats so thoroughly into every merchants profits, but so far, has had limited success.

Husband/Wife: (Name, Age, Brief Bio)(If Applicable)(NOTE:Only 2 playable characters. If they both die your house becomes unplayable regardless of kin still alive)

Eleana  age:37

Eleana and Joran were wed on the day of her 17th birthday as a way of concreting a trade agreement with House Olleander.  The two were at odds for quite some time, until finally, after bearing Joran 3 children, Eleana gave Joran advice.  Good advice.  They have been devoted to one another ever since, after birthing the fourth and final offspring.  

Children: (Name, Age, Brief Bio)(If Applicable)

21    M  Cayle        Captain of the Ardent Guard, he has a penchant for drinking and horseback riding.  While not a highly skilled swordsman, he's gained the respect of those under his command.

!!19    F     Ashlanna  ((second playable character))     Trained in the business side of the family, Ashlanna has taken to Language and Mathematics better than any of her siblings.  Like her brothers, she is quite tall.

16    M    Erac       Erac tends to be a wild spirit, mostly because he doesn't really have a role in the family.  Spends his days traveling, and occasionally hunting.

11     M   Gregor      He's the youngest, and a bit spoiled.   He loves his brothers but thinks his sister is mean, because she's always making him study.  So, a prankster.  And a biter.

STATS: (Choose your characters strengths, giving each stat a skill of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5)

____3___Standing Army





House History:  

100 years ago, Gregory Arden became Master of Procurement, and the house has prospered like no other.  Over the years, the various heads of the House have kept the caravans rolling, though perhaps no longer in the official capacity of Master of Procurement.                   As with Gregory, the Heads of house Arden have viewed those who live within their lands as valuable assets, and have taken care of them.  So, it would only be natural for the Holdings to expand, and the Armies to improve.                There have been border skirmishes, however as the military power increased, the aggression has declined.  The main threat now are from merchant rivals.  And so, Joran has been looking to unite the merchant houses (or at the very least, the weaker merchant houses) so as to reduce the hit in profits that comes from sabotage and whatnot.

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