Stats:Edit Edit

Army: 3

Keep: 2

Subterfuge: 5

Merchant: 4

Luck: 1

Character Information: (Description and History)Edit Edit

Head of House: Lady Adira Shadowmere 

Age: 23 

Basic Info: Adira is the wife of Iffyt. Adira grew up in the Freejoy Court and was a close friend of Alexia as a child. The two keep in constant contact and rumored to have been lovers before Adira married Iffyt. She has little love for Regan Shadowmere as Adira sees her as a rival for Alexia's affection. Many people in court said that Adira even smiled when she heard that Regan had grew ill and lost her child. A few have even said she had something to do with the illness that struck House Sorrowsweet. Adira is a stunning woman to behold. Her skin is like caramel and her eyes like hazels. She draws then eyes of everyone when she enters the room.House Shadowmere came into power right after House Bellos was superseded by House Alister. When House Freejoy superseded them House Shadowmere was there as well. She seems to know everything, but gives nothing up. That is unless there is a good deal involved. When a war breaks out House Shadowmere tries and stays in the background. In truth Adria doesnt care who is in charge. She throws her lot in where the wind blows strongest. That is how House Shadowmere has always survived and Adria doesn't plan to change that any time soon.          

Regent: Glenn Shadowmere 


Basic Info: Glenn is called he "Grey Fox" because of his hair and features, He started to go gray when he turned 18. At the age of 25 his hair is bright silver and his cheek bones sharp. Glenn is rail thin with sun kissed skin. The marriage to Adira was a political one set up by Glenn's grandfather. The late Cedric Webb. Being the 4th child of House Webb, Glenn was more use to help ensure that House Webb stayed close to the Throne. The Webb's have had a history of being close to the ruling families. Glenn was excited at the idea of marrying a woman of Adira's beauty. He found that he was not to his wife's tastes sadly.  

en Information:Edit Edit

Children: The two have no children yet. Rumor is that their marriage is sexless and is the reason for this. It is open secret in court that Adira prefers the company of women and the marriage was strictly political. Iffyt becomes irate when it is brought up which only adds validation to the claims in many peoples eyes.

House Sigil/Colors/Motto:Edit Edit

The Sigil of House Shadowmere is a Red fox on a Yellow Background.

Colors: Red and Yellow

Motto: "Watch and Wait"

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