Army: 3

Keep: 1

Wealth: 2


Aspects: Always Faithful, No Better than Your Smallfolk, History of Unluckiness

House HistoryEdit

House Sarrowsweet is a House that, until recently, has been plagued with bad luck. Some(but not all) of that has changed in the past couple years. Victoria Sarrowsweet was wed to Cadius Bellos making her Queen of The Northlands.Simon married the eldest Hadrian Daughter. All in All in the past 20 years have been good to the House. Kathryn has stepped down as Head of House to allow Simon to run the House. Simon dislikes the Cold, but loves his new and larger family. Simon is very much a man of the people. Being Head of House he doesn't get out as much as he used to, but is not afaid to get his hands dirty. He has instilled this to his children, and wards, as much as possible. No man, or woman, is better than another. Needless to say this idea has not made him friends in some of the Older Houses like Pendewick, and to some degree Terrowin. He has his children work with his Smallfolk to show them that even the minor jobs are just as important. Simon has been spending more and more time with Arcadian the past few years. Him and Rorie have worked together many times due to Arcadian being Hand of the King, but this seems to go past that. They have been working on a project known only to a handful of people. They have been rebuilding Waryn-Peace's floating Keep. They have ben working on this slowly as to not draw attention. Arcadian and Simon have narrowed down who raped Simon's mother down to a few people. At this point Simon is almost certain which one. When the Keep is complete they plan to float it down to Sadon...'s Keep and personally kill him. Then float the Keep back none the wiser. Another are of interest is the realtionship to House Gigas. House Gigas is a very secluded House that has tried to extend it's borders into the Mountains where House Sarrowsweet gets it's stone. So far Gigas has back away, but they are becoming more aggressive due to Gigas not really supporting any King.

Known MembersEdit

Simon Sarrowsweet- Head of House. At 39 years old, Simon is showing some grey hair. He is a fair man that ensures his Lands are managed well. Women are treated as equals in his Keep. He is even Tempered and well liked by many.

Hannah Sarrowsweet- Wife to Simon. Married young, but grew up fast. She is 34 years old. She had her first child at 15. Sister to Cole Hadrian

Kathryn Sarrowsweet- Mother to Simon. She currently lives with Simon's sister.

Victoria Bellos- Twin sister to Simon. Queen of The Northlands

Caitlyn Sorrowsweet- (PC, Gypsy), Oldest Duaghter of Simon Sarrowsweet

Bellos Children- All of Cadius and Victoria's Kids are nephews and nieces. Currenly the youngest 'Little Simon' is being Warded by House Sarrowsweet, See House Bellos.

Known AlliancesEdit

House Bellos- Victoria is Queen of The Northlands.

House Hadrian- Simon is married to Hannah ot House Hadrian. This Alliance is not as strong, but both Houses would protect each other if threatened.

House Arcadian- House Sarrowsweet and House Arcadian have worked together for years. Kathryn worked with Rorie for years, and Simon as well.

House Motto/Sigil/ColorEdit

The Sigil of House Sorrowsweet is an Otter.

Colors: Blue and Brown

Motto: "Always Faithful"

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