Stats:Edit Edit

Army: 5

Keep: 4

Subterfuge: 1

Merchant: 3

Luck: 2

Character Information: (Description and History) Edit

Head of House: Anfortas Penderwick

Age: 31

Basic Info: Anfortas is a man born in the wrong century. The Northern Lord is not a fan of The Bastard Queen nor her policies. He strongly believes in Bloodlines and that it pass from Father to Son. Even with those that disagree with his views, Anfortas is very polite and kind. He is willing to help his neighbors regardless of their views. He honestly thinks that you have to be as kind as you are firm. Sadly for him he has only girls for children. This puts him at an in pass. He wants his House to live on, but he doesn't wish to compromise his values. Even with his kindness people tend to stay away from him because of his old world ideals. This has hurt trade into his home. Outside of his family life, Anfortas may be the most brilliant commander of his time. He generally is one or two steps ahead of others on the battlefield.

Regent: Joan Penderwick

Age: 17

Basic Info: Joan is the eldest daughter of Anfortas. Despite her fathers belief that woman should not be Heads of Houses, she is the defacto Heir to the House. She was raised to be her fathers right hand in many ways. His goal is to find her a husband or have a son. Which ever comes first. While not as brilliant on her father in military matters, she makes up for it in pure aggression and brutality. She wishes to bring back the Penderwick of old. Not the kindly neighbors her father has cultivated. She firmly believes that she, and any woman, is a good of leader as any man.


Spouse/Children Information Edit

Elizabeth Penderwick: Wife of Anfortas. Married at a very young age. Had her first child at the age of 12. She is the driving force that led Anfortas to radically change the way House Penderwick operates.

Daughters: Anfortas has multiple younger daughters. Artemisia, Tomoe, and Boudicca.

House Sigil/Colors/Motto:Edit Edit

The sigil of House Penderwick is two crossed silver swords on a bronze background.

Colors: Silver and Bronze.

Motto: "Courage and Valour"

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