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House Marsh

House Sigil, Motto, and Colors:Edit


House Marsh's sigil is a black boar with a set of golden scales held in it's mouth.


'Cum Periculo Oritur Praemium'  or  'With Risk Comes Reward'


Green and Black

House History:Edit

==Roland Marsh was born a small-folk. He was as far from nobility as one might imagine. He was raised in the marshlands within the former Lord of that land, Lord Barrister. Rolands father was a poacher and as such broke the law as easily as he breathed. Eventually the Lord there decided to crack down on the numerous poachers his hunting grounds where plagued with and word got to Roland's father. This was unfortunate because he had just that day poached a fairly decent sized boar. Rolands father was fearful of trying to sell the boar in town, or even to have it in their home incase the shack was searched, so he left it in the woods. Roland returned to that spot after his father was well away and decided to attempt to sell the boar anyway. The idea of having coin of his own took hold of his senses. He dragged the boar all the way to town and, after intense haggling over the state of the boars belly from being drug across the ground for so long,he sold it for more than he had any right to. Just after the sale he was arrested by Lordn Barristers guards and dragged before the Lord himself. Lord Barrister handed down his sentence, that roland would lose his left hand below the wrist for poaching. As Roland was being drug away Lord Barrister casually asked how much he'd made and if it was worth it. Roland told him the price and the Lord was so surprised by how much the boy had managed to get for a bedraggled and drug boar that he pardoned Roland's crime and instead of losing a hand, he gained a sort of unofficial apprenticeship to a reputable merchant in the Lords employ. Eventually Roland surpassed the merchant and attained a reputation as one of the most shrewd and capable traders in the area. When the current NPC king made his bid for the iron throne it was a direct result of Roland's actions and aid that he took Lord Barristers Keep as easily as he did. In reward for Roland's actions, and his pledge to the new King, he was granted Lands and a title. Roland took the boar as his symbol and placed a golden scale in its mouth(old time weights and measures scales not some fishy scale ) to remind him always that 'With Risk Comes Reward' which is the motto of house Marsh. Now Lord Marsh, Roland runs a large portion of trade in westeros and not many coins in circulation haven't passed between his deft fingers.==

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