StatsEdit Edit

Army: 2

Keep: 4

Subterfuge: 5

Merchant: 1

Luck: 2

Character Information (Descripton and History)Edit Edit

Head of House: Rolo Malkyn

Age: 53

Basic Info: Rolo Malkyn is the son of the late Markust Malkyn and Grandson of Rowena. He is not a tall man and slightly below average height. Rolo does not remember any of the Bellos Reign, but grew up on stories told by his grandmother Rowena. The stories are mixed at best. In some she gives King Bellos praise for his efforts. In others she explains how the same man held her against her will in King's Landing and was glad he was killed. The stories taught him on thing. That the Kingdom needs stability. Rolo is not a fan of Houses rising and falling. He is not a fan of random people coming to power and fully plans to have his daughter take control of the House when he passes. Rolo has aged as best as one can hope. His House was exposed to the Hojo plague when he was young and it took a toll on him as well. Even as a child he had breathing issues. These have only gotten worse with age. His father told him after his grandmother passed that she herself allowed, and sheltered, member of House Hojo. Combined with her changing stories he is fairly sure she was mad. Because of this he tends to use his spies to stamp out anything he thinks of as insane or crazy. Houses that indulge in such just add to the instability that he hates.

Heir of House: Lady Rowena Malkyn.

Age: 32

Basic Info: Rowena looks much like her name sake. The young Malkyn has flowing red hair, tall, and willowy. She tends to dress in flowing purple and black dresses and takes on more of the Keeps duties as her father ages. Much like her father she dislikes the rise and fall of various Houses. Unlike Rolo she has a much deeper fear of it. Rowena is well aware that she could easily lose her future place at the will of The Bastard Queen. Where Rolo is protected due to his age, and the clout that comes with it, she is not. It is no secret that Rowena simply is polite to Queen Alexia out of sheer need. The latest "Bastard Rising" is just proof in Rowena's mind that the Kingdom needs to weed out many elements. A castle made of sand is doomed to fall in her eyes and in Rowena's eye the Queen is that very sand.

Spouse/Children InformationEdit Edit

Rolo is married to Zarisa Arcadian.

Rowena has three sons.

House Sigil/Colors/Motto: Edit Edit

The Sigil of House Malkyn is a black bat on a purple background.

Colors: Purple and Black

Motto: "Diligence is Task" 

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