Stats:Edit Edit

Army: 5

Keep: 4

Subterfuge: 2

Merchant: 1

Luck: 3

Character Information: Edit Edit

House Head: Rolf Hadrian

Age: 35

Basic Info: Rolf Hadrian is the Grandson of Lon Hadrian and Watria Bellos. At 5'10 he is broad shoulder and even tempered man made tougher by the icy winds of the North. Rolf tends to be the gate keeper of those Houses in the North and those in The Southern parts of the Kingdom. Rolf is well aware of his multiple Bloodlines and is proud of it. He is careful not to bring it up out of fear that Queen Alexia will strip him of his titles. His Great Grandfather was King Bellos. His Great Uncle was the first Freejoy. Lastly his Great Great Uncle was his namesake Rolf Cromwell. Needless to say that in private company, and a few drinks, he bemoans the fact that someone in the Kingdom can have so many ties to past kings and has to bow down to a random Bastard from Cutter's Alley.

Heir to House:Cole Hadrian

Age: 20

Basic Info: Cole doesn't care much for being a Lord. If it were up to him he would simply whore around in towns and drink till he could not move. He simply doesn't see the point in being a Lord. If he had his way it would be like the olden days. Before Bellos. He would has a Maester run the House and he do only the bare of what is needed. He doesn't understand the point of power if you can not use it. Cole has a pretty low opinion over women in general. His opinion is that they are to hormonal to run a House at best. At worst they die in child birth. To him it proves the Gods do not want women to rule.

Spouse/Children Information:Edit Edit

Lon has to many Bastards to count at this point. Much to the dislike of his Father. This is kept pretty quiet though. Rolf fears that it will soon reach Alexia's ears and then they will be forced to deal with it. Lucky for him Alexia doesn't come to the North to often.

House Sigil/Colors/MottoEdit Edit

The sigil of House Hadrian is a black goat on a yellow background.

Colors: Black and Yellow.

Motto: "Ever Higher"

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