Keep: 3 (Boarder Reach)



Aspects: Even Higher, Restore House's Honor, Old House

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House Hadrian sits on the edge of The Northlands and Westeros. Prior to the Reign of King Darius Bellos, Bran Hadrian was the Hand of the King to King Rolf Cromwell. After the Lion's Rebellion, Bran took The Black and left his son,Lon Hadrian acted as Warden of the North. When the territory lines were drawn after the last war, there was no need for a Northen Warden. Thus Lon stepped away from being a Warden. This did not upset him as he was netrual to the idea from the begining. Right after the end of the last war, Lon caught The Hojo Plague. Although he over came it, it left him weakened. Long travel was  hard on him, and he would grow ill and have coughing fits. At this time he set things in motion to ensue he children were taken care of. He sent his Eldest son, Cole, to Ward with Rorie Arcadian.When Cole returned he sent Reeve to Ward under Cadius Bellos. His Eldest daughter was married to Simon Sarrowsweet. Six years ago, at the age of 53, Lon caught another cough and did not recover. He passed and Cole took over as Head of House. Warding under Arcadian has made Cole sharp. Due to Grandfather being Grand Commander of the Wall for many year, as well as being warded to Arcadian, has instilled a great pride of The Nights Watch. He often sends supplies to the wall and seldom keep prisoners in his Keep (They are sent to the Wall).

Known MembersEdit

Cole Hadrian: Cole is the Head of House Hadrian. He is a muscular man with deep born hair he keeps long. He longs for the days when House Hadrian was more important. His Grandfather was Hand of the King and Commander of The Watch. His Father was Warden of the North. The fact that House Hadrian is not more involed lately bothers him. Rorie Arcadian ensures him that his time will come. Warding by Arcadian has had a few effects on Cole. He has seen that anyone can become anything and lives by that. He knows that he can take House Hadrian "Even Higher" and is waiting for the chance to do so. He loves his sister and family, but dislikes where his House curently stands. His sister was married to a Minor House, and the House hold no titles. These are silent issues as he doesn't speak these things out loud. He is starting to see The Northlands as a Good Ole Boys club that he is not apart of. Has 3 kids. None older than 10. Not named unless needed for the story. He has a few bastards, but hasn't legitimized them.

Hannah Sarrowsweet: Elder Sister to Cole. Wife of Simon Sarrowsweet. See House Sarrowsweet.

Misha Malkyn- Aunt to Cole. See House Malkyn

Reeve Hadrian- Brother to Cole. Age 24. Black hair like his Mother. He is more relaxed than his brother as he was Warded by Arcadian for twice as long as Cole. In love with Arcadian's Eldest daughter and is thinking of asking her hand in marriage. Has hopes of being a Knight. Due to his outgoing nature, Reeve is often the person sent out by his brother to events.

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Known AlliancesEdit

Arcadian- Cole was warded by Arcadian as well as his Brother.

Penderwick- Cole agrees with Casper Penderwick in many ways. He thinks Houses are declining due to Bastards having to be taken in, Women in control, and lack of disipline. Also they bother share a 'love' for the wall.

Sarrowsweet- Hannah is married into Sarrowsweet. Although he dislike his sister being married into such a Minor House, he knows that he can call on them in a pinch and will help them to protect his sister.

House Motto/Sigil/ColorsEdit

The sigil of House Hadrian is a black goat on a yellow background.

Colors: Black and Yellow.

Motto: "Ever Higher"

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